Nights in Cabiria: Stefania dress

Stefania in Jigsaw print


Cabiria is an exclusively plus size brand (sizes 12-24) designed by Eden Miller and made in the USA. 
What I love most about Eden's work is her phenomenal attention to details. 
The silk twill Stefania dress looks and feels expensive and is perfect for an evening out or a dinner meeting.  The silk feels so light and sumptuous against my skin that I didn't even mind when a breeze caught the fabric and it clung to my curves. 

I have an "extra long torso" which means that most necklines are uncomfortably high on me. 
The Stefania dress has a button front... and to my delight I found that the black silk fabric used on the collar extends down the inside front of the dress!  So, unbuttoning a button for comfort didn't compromise the lines or style of the dress. 

At my size and height it is nearly impossible to find vintage clothing.  Cabiria satisfies my lust for bygone eras and high quality garments. 

This dress retails for $290. 
You really do get what you pay for!  
The pattern, construction and textiles are an absolute dream come true! 
I look forward to seeing what else Eden has in store for us.


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