Myrtlewood by ModCloth: at the Salton Sea

Myrtlewood by ModCloth
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Payless (customized to match the dress)

Also customized to match the dress.  I am working on a blog post and YouTube video on how to customize real and faux leather. 

We took a quick day trip down to the Salton Sea. 
I had never been there and wanted to check it out!  I have a passion for old abandoned places. 
On our way there we hit an enormous wildfire that was blocking the highway and had to take a detour.  We ended up on the opposite side of the water than where we had planned... and the sky was full of smoke.  When we left after sunset workers were still fighting to put out the blaze. 
In the header photos for this blog you can see the cloud of smoke in the background. 

Fire smoke is pretty gross to begin with... but, wait... it gets grosser!  (I like gross... stay with me... this is neat!).  

The Salton Sea is a man made body of water.  In 1900 engineers for the California Development Company decided "Hey, let's bring water into this area of California for farming!" Some mistakes were made when they cut into the bank of the Colorado river... and the Salton Basin flooded creating what is known, now, as "The Salton Sea". 
It is the largest lake in California. 
But, it is also the most disgusting place on the planet! 

The entire area was built up around the water as a booming vacation spot.  Unfortunately, that didn't last for long and everyone up and abandoned the area as it became less and less habitable.  With no outflow the lake is pretty much stagnant and evaporating in the dry Southern California climate.  You really don't want to be anywhere near the water. As a result, everyone who moved there or set up a business up and left... there are abandoned boats, playgrounds, trailers, hotels and stores all around the water.  It's a photographer's DREAM (and I earnestly can't wait to go back again this fall to take photos of the area and do some more fashion shoots for this blog). 

The only fish that can survive in the alkalinity of the lake are Tilapia.  The beach I am standing on in the photo below is made up entirely of decaying fish and fish bones (see close-up for detail). 
Imagine the smell of hot rotting cat food... and that's what the Salton Sea smells like. 
When we got home and I took off my shoes... Miss Monkey Cat stuck her head inside the toe and drove it around the carpet for hours with her face (licking the inside). 

Hopefully the next time we go there won't be a crazy fire blocking our path and I will get to go see some of the abandoned motels and trailers that were recreated in Grand Theft Auto V  (The Alamo Sea where Trevor lives is inspired by The Salton Sea.  The game developers came to the area and took photos to render realistic locations for the game). 

The Salton Sea... it looks like a beach... but, that isn't sand!

The "sand" is actually made up entirely of fish bones! 

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