SWAK: Sabrina Teal

There are three things I love about SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss Designs... 

1.)  Their maxi dresses are actually floor length on me!!!  OMG!  I'm super tall and finding floor length dresses is nearly impossible. 

2.)   They use beautiful colors and prints! 

3.)  They are constantly developing new clothes...  And bringing back favorites in new colors.  I own this dress in teal and in black.  

It's comfortable enough to move in... And very flattering.

This brand goes from size 1x-6x and their prices are moderate (this dress retails for $69.90). 
They also have weekly sales on select items every Sunday. 
SWAK also get new styles in and cycle the older styles into their Sale and Clearance sections!
They are currently in my top 5 favorite plus size brands. 


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