Poppy and Bloom: Sketch Me if you Can in Canary Yellow

Poppy and Bloom
Sketch Me If You Can - Canary


Malco Modes


This beautiful canary colored retro inspired dress is made by American made brand Poppy and Bloom

Yellow is one of those iffy colors that can either make me look creamy and pink... or it can make me look like an undead nightmare.  This beautiful shade of canary brought out the pinks in my skin and the copper in my hair. 

I am normally not a big fan of boat neck style dresses (I find them too constricting).  But, the "V" cut on the back (not pictured) makes it quite comfortable and ensures that the top of the dress will flatter a variety of body types. 
The bodice is fully lined (a detail that ensures your dress is going to last... which is absolutely something you want in a modern/retro style dress that isn't going to go out of style the next time the weather gets warm). 

The black crinoline by Malco Modes gives it a bit of flare/shape. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.

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