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Vintage.  A gift from my beloved friend Renee

I love and live for awesome funky modern vintage style!  And, I am a total sucker for damask print anything.  Wallpaper prints on textiles are fun and whimsical. 
Cherry Velvet is a Canadian brand who specializes in unique modern vintage dresses. 
Their clothing is all made in Canada and they are an all inclusive brand that caters to sizes XS-3X. 

There is so much that I love about this brand! 
But, like all independent brands... they have some room for improvement and growth. 
Their dresses are adorable on the outside (even featuring pockets!) and are mostly made of breathable cottons. 
However, the construction leaves a lot to be desired.  Especially on the inside.  The patterning leaves unfinished flaps inside the arm holes that are only anchored down with a couple of stitches.  And, the bodices aren't fully lined (if they were... the flaps wouldn't be an issue).  Over time and wear... the flaps have a tendency to warp, the anchor stitches fall out and the flaps stick out the arm holes. The dresses end up feeling like they are unfinished shells (and they will not stand up to more than about 6 washings).  For plus size consumers, especially, construction and durability is very important!
This wouldn't be a big issue with a dress that costs $50-60.  But, Cherry Velvet dresses run around $150-180.  At that price point I expect a dress to be constructed better and last a long time.  In fact, last year they posted an article about how clothing isn't made the way it used to be (vintage clothing was made to last and modern clothing is made to last this season)... and I felt frustrated about that. 

Poppy and Bloom is made in Seattle and their dresses have fully lined bodices and higher quality construction... and they cost less than half the price of Cherry Velvet dresses.  

I contacted the owner of Cherry Velvet last winter about an issue with a dress (and sent her photos of what I was talking about).  My goal wasn't to upset her... nor did I want anything from her!  I just felt that she would appreciate the feedback. 
Unfortunately, she became defensive and lashed out at me about every suggestion. 
Her primary point is that lining the bodice would be expensive for her. 
So, I don't think that the construction is going to get any better any time soon. 

At first I was concerned about posting this information on a blog.  My ultimate goal is to share new brands and my passion for fashion!  I don't want to tear anyone down.  But, I also believe in "You get what you pay for".  At those prices... you are not getting what you pay for. 

There are so many things that Cherry Velvet does right... 
I love that they don't charge extra for plus sizes! 
I love that they use a lot of color! 
I love the simple cuts that flatter various figures!
I have a lot of hope for this brand's future. 


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