Hell Bunny Charlie Dress: Leopard and Roses

Hell Bunny Charlie dress in Leopard and Roses

Malco Modes
Meghan in Black (be sure to check their size chart.  I wear an XL in the Meghan)

I don't remember where I got it...  :)

This is probably the most rockabilly Hell Bunny dress I've tried, so far.  The leopard print and roses together seemed like a really cute idea. 
Unfortunately, the leopard print is so small... so, from a distance it looks like a brown dress with beige pinstripes and red apples all over it. 
It's still super cute!  I love the full circle skirt and the cut/patterning on Hell Bunny dresses.  I am just not a fan of this fabric.

This dress is more Junior Plus compared to the Hell Bunny May Day dresses I've blogged about in blue or black. The fit is much tighter, the back isn't smocked and the bodice doesn't have as much room to contain an ample bosom.

Despite this dress not being my favorite Hell Bunny dress... it is still miles above other retro inspired plus brands as far as construction and longevity. 

I decided to go with the Meghan crinoline in black from Malco Modes because it adds a little volume to keep the nice flared shape of the skirt without forcing me to sit on a mountain of ruffles all day.

I have a big blog planned where I will give you all sorts of recommendations and tips regarding crinolines and petticoats.


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