Like A Boss: A Retro/Modern Power Suit.

Bow Ties are cool...

Samya Polka Dot Dress
This style appears to only be available through Gwynnie Bee.
(I took the matching tie belt and tied it in a bow around the collar and tucked the tails into my sweater)

Lane Bryant

Malco Modes




Tiffany and Co.

This dress solo didn't really work for me that well as far as the overall fit.  The empire waist was much too high and the whole thing ended up quite short. And, worst of all... the collar was not doing anything good for me (it poofed up in an awful way).
But, I believe in making the best out of fashion!  I don't give up easily.  Noo no.

"Make it work."
*cue fashion MacGyver mode*

I took the polka dot belt that came with the dress and tied it around the collar in a bow.  Then, I slipped a thin black v neck sweater over the dress and tucked the hanging ends into the front (see top photo). 
I really liked this simple little style choice because it added a textural element to the neckline while also wrangling that unruly collar.

Adding the fluffy pink chiffon petticoat gave the skirt that big poof and flare that I love so much and added a bit of peek-a-boo color to the otherwise monochromatic outfit.  The belt over the sweater really added definition. 

The overall look comes together to be equal parts professional and playful.  Very feminine and whimsical... but, also a bit masculine and no-nonsense. 

I don't wear a lot of jewelry or a lot of accessories... especially when I am wearing my glasses.  Glasses are such a defining feature and my face is such a focal-point on my body... adding in jewelry would feel too much, for me. Without jewelry the buttons on the sleeves really stand out. 

Truth is... I don't really like the feeling of being weighed down by a bunch of accessories.  I like to keep my looks pretty clean, chic and simple (while still going well over the top! Obviously... ).


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