Cherry Velvet Phoebe sundress


Cherry Velvet Phoebe in Darling Mums print


Flower Necklace:
It was a Christmas gift and I've been dying to have something good to wear it with.

Summery fresh and fun! 

I love the print and colors on this adorable dress.  I don't care that it's after Labor Day!  I'll wear white if I want. 
It has been in the mid 90s here lately.  This is the closest I've actually ever lived to anywhere considered "tropical".

The Phoebe cut is not my favorite Cherry Velvet cut.  But, there are aspects about the construction that I adore!

The Phoebe is supposedly an A-line dress.  It's a very narrow A and the dress ends up looking more fitted and column-like on my body type.  The construction is flattering (unless you sit all day at work, then the front creases badly).
The length is short on me... but, not dangerously so. 

The bodice is fully lined (this feature is important for plus wear to maintain a tailored fit and for the garment to last you more than four wears).  This also means that the bodice doesn't relax and will shrink with machine washing.  Basically, the fit on this dress is smaller. It shrinks easier.  And, the bust doesn't have as much room as other styles. 

It's fantastically made and comfortable.  If your body type works with it you're going to love it (I think it would look great with a pink or yellow cardigan... but, again... 95 degrees out, kittens!).


  1. I don't usually like prints with big flowers on them but this dress looks great on you

    1. I think that the print has some great positive/negative space going on... so it isn't too muumuu. It's a great retro style print.

  2. I looked at this & thought...I have NO jewelry. That necklace is perfectly adorable with this dress. You look fantastic!! How is it so long on you?! I am 7! weeks behind on posts on my blog, but if it's ok with you, I'd like to link to this once I blog this dress for alternative ways other cuties have styled it.

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