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One of my absolute fashion MUST HAVEs is a quality petticoat.  Ladies constantly ask me advice on which petticoat to get and what the differences are between them.  So, here is a great big petticoat blog that will hopefully showcase what I love about them and also help you pick out something you will adore. 

As with all things in life... you get what you pay for!  There are a lot of petticoats out there and choosing can be overwhelming and disappointing if you don't end up getting the effect you want.  There are some plus shops out there that sell petticoats... but, they're thin, unsubstantial, flat and won't give you the flounce and bounce that a good quality petticoat will. 

I get all of my petticoats through Malco Modes.  Their products are vintage quality and made in America.  Each petticoat is sewn by human hands in Tennessee.  Their customer service is top notch and they've been in business (privately owned) for over 80 years.  They even offer custom services if you don't find exactly what you are looking for. 

I own the Meghan, Jennifer, Michelle and the Melonie (which is a tea length version of the Meghan)... so, those are the petticoat styles I will cover today. 
I am a size 22/24 and the XL fits me perfectly.  I also wore the XL when I was a size 28, so don't be intimidated and think "they don't have anything in my size, Vivi!" because that XL has a lot of stretch in the waist.  Check out their size chart under each product if you aren't sure which size to order.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.  <3

Husband on "time out" in the petticoat pile.  <3

Circle skirt with no petticoat.

The Meghan in black

This awesome one-of-a-kind full circle skirt from Meg's Crafts is ideal to wear with a petticoat (though it looks super cute without one, as well).

Whether you need one and aren't sure which to choose... or you're just petticoat curious my ultimate goal with this blog is to help you decide which petticoat is right for you.  .

The Meghan

This is the style that I wear the most frequently. Ideal for the petticoat curious! It has a nice easy perky flare to it and the stiff netting with colored binding is just beautiful. 

I don't just use the Meghan to add flounce and bounce to my wardrobe... I also use it to extend the length of skirts and dresses (I am very tall, so mostly everything is too short on me).   The ruffle effect is nice and wide.  It doesn't flare out too far and is lovely for daily wear.
The Meghan is available in lots of fun colors!!!  The price is affordable enough that you could own multiple colors (and I do) without breaking the bank.

Note:  Despite the Meghan style having a soft organza inner layer... it can still be a bit scratchy/itchy if you sit on it for too long.  I wear shorts or a slip underneath to combat the itchies during periods of extended wear. 

The Jennifer in pink

The Jennifer

The Jennifer is going to give you the same amount of flare and fluff as the Meghan. 
However, it is made of  luxurious soft silky sheer chiffon (and *lots* of it).

The hem has tiny cotton candy like fluffy little ruffles at the end that give the chiffon more volume (chiffon otherwise lays very flat). 

The Jennifer comes in more colors than the Meghan and the color is a bit more vibrant due to the opacity of the chiffon itself. 

The silky soft material is so very comfortable.  This one is ideal if you will be sitting for extended periods during an event or for daily wear.

I also love the Jennifer because you can easily layer it with other colors for more volume and fun color effects.  It also looks adorable worn solo as a skirt.

The Michelle in red

The Michelle

Michelle is a DRAMA QUEEN!  This petticoat is 80 yards of organza and stiff netting.  It's like four Meghans combined. 

With the most extreme flare and volume of all of Malco Modes' products... the Michelle is designed for circle skirts.  Whereas the Jennifer and the Meghan both work under fit-and-flare or a-line dresses... the Michelle requires more room to fluff under. 

I recommend this one for serious enthusiasts or if you are looking for a special occasion petticoat. 

The Michelle comes ready made in fewer colors than the others (but can be special ordered in any color you want/need). 


A few weekends ago I was playing around with my fluffy pile of happiness and put my great big bright red Michelle on and then slipped a red Meghan on top (using the stretch satin waist as a top), put a belt on over both and *POW* instant awesome party dress!

Feel free to get creative and have a lot of fun. 

I've partnered up with Malco Modes to bring you an awesome giveaway! 
Go to their Facebook page to enter and win a Meghan petticoat (your favorite color and your size choice) direct from Malco Modes. 
Giveaway goes from Monday September 22nd - Friday September 26th. 

Looks I've styled with the Meghan


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