Heatwave: SWAK designs Eternity Convertible Dress

SWAK designs
Eternity Convertible Dress
Malco Modes
Meghan [black]

Kittens... we've been having a heatwave here in sunny Southern California.  It was 107 degrees here early in the week (hotter as you go inland).  The air has also been dead still.  No breeze.  It's humid.   
I am honestly envious of all of you cuties out there who are pulling out your fall fashions and wonderful warm clothes. 
Naked (or close to it) feels like the only way to survive, here, lately. 
When we took these photos it was 8pm and 90 degrees outside (it had already "cooled off" about 20 degrees). 
We use all available lighting when we photograph outfits for my blog.  So, this is just moody night-time street lighting.  Nothing special.  My black bolero disappears a bit into the background, though... which is okay because the amazing Eternity Convertible Dress by SWAK just *pops* in the cool white/blue light. 

In heat like this I like to keep hair and makeup simple.  The shine you see on my cheeks is a colorshifting highlighter powder (changes from pink to copper to gold). 

The dress is amazing.  It's made of thin stretchy jersey (which is great for the heat here!).  It can be worn a variety of ways.  I prefer when skirts and dresses have a bit of flounce, bounce and flare so I wore the Malco Modes Meghan crinoline in black (to match the bolero and shoes). 

I am already a fan of playing with my fashion (there is another SWAK dress that I prefer to wear backwards). 
The Eternity Convertible dress is pretty much made with gals like me (who like to play) in mind.  Husband called it "Good Transformers" when I showed him how easily it was to take the dress from casual to dressy... and then down to three different types of skirt. 

Needless to say... you're going to see this dress show up in my posts a variety of ways, over time.   I want it in every color (and the maxi version is definitely on my "must own" list).


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