Hell Bunny Alika Dress

Hell Bunny
Alika Dress
(Size 4X)
via ModCloth

Payless (customized)

Stolen from husband (also customized)

I normally love to wear Hell Bunny dresses with petticoats to fluff up the skirt and give it more flare.  But, earnestly they are just as beautiful without any added volume or fluff. 

This beautiful island print dress was a goodie I snatched up during the Black Friday sale on ModCloth last year (I had a gift card and it was calling my name).  Then, I packed it up in a wardrobe bag and stored it because I was in a deep fashion funk (sometime I will write a blog about my fashion funks)... and forgot it existed.  So, it was like a double gift when I dug it out this last week and wore it for the first time! 

The print of the dress reminds me of my Grammy.  She would have absolutely *loved* this dress on me.  Her favorite place in the whole world was Hawaii and she would bring me beautiful lightweight dresses in exotic floral prints whenever she went. 

I avoided island prints for a lot of years because I got teased in school for wearing my favorite of the dresses she brought me (it was a beautiful cobalt blue with white and pink hibiscus flowers all over).  Mean boys called it a "muumuu" and told me that I looked fat and stupid.  I didn't have the heart to tell Grammy why I stopped wearing the dresses I had once loved so dearly. Looking back on it... I really wish I had just told those dummies "I love this dress.  Stop being mean." 

But, back then I just didn't have the moxie that I have today.  I'm happy that I grew up to be the type of woman that wears what she wants - when she wants - how she wants.  Life is too short to listen to dummies who try to steal your joy. 

This dress is especially popular, right now, because it is available through Gwynnie Bee.  I'm so thrilled about that.  Almost every gal I know who has gotten their hands on this dress has loved it passionately.  Part of me kind of wishes that I could get a flash mob of ladies together wearing this same dress.  What a glorious sight that would be!  It looks beautiful on a variety of body shapes and types. 

I love how the Alika dress has that retro/modern pinup cut that I love from Hell Bunny... but, the print makes it wearable for women who don't want to feel like they are wearing a costume.  It's comfortable, versatile and well made. 

Here's a photo of Grammy from her last trip to Hawaii.  <3 
I love the Hibiscus flower in her hair and how happy and full of life she is. 
**Please note: ModCloth links on this blog are affiliate links.  I am entirely new to affiliate links and this dress was not a gift for review purposes.  Money made through affiliate links go toward running this blog. 


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