IGIGI Urban Jungle 2014: Dominique Dress in Emerald Escape

IGIGI Urban Jungle 2014
Dominique Dress in Emerald Escape
Size 22/24

Torrid (they are not current, sorry ladies!)

Custom leather opera gloves.

1294 open bottom girdle

Styling inspired by Masters of Sex. 

It's easy to feel elegant and feminine instantly when slipping into an IGIGI dress. 
Their cuts and details show how much they truly understand and are designing exclusively for a plus size figure. 

The newest Urban Jungle collection has a glorious mixture of separates and dresses in some chic, wild and funky patterns. 

This is the Dominique (also available in two other prints as well as solid black).

This dress is a faux wrap dress (the skirt and top both fold over like a wrap dress, but the waist is secured)... which means two things:

1.) It isn't going to come undone during your work day but still gives you the gorgeous wrap dress effect.  It even has ties around the waist (I tied the ties at my waist by the front flap of the dress, so they blend a bit).

2.) You can't adjust the fit of the dress because the waist is fixed.  I tend to like to let the waist out a smidgen in wrap dresses (so the fabric doesn't cling to my hips and belly).  But, the cut is relaxed and comfortable enough.  The top is also easy to adjust for a modest neckline and pin together for ease of fit (I like that they didn't attach the fabric on the bust).

This dress has some lovely details as well.  The long 3/4 sleeves and vintage detailing on the shoulders are really wonderful together and give the dress great shape. 
The Dominique dress is a single layer (no lining) which is fantastic for late Summer into Fall as the days stay a bit warmer but the nights cool down quicker.  The lightweight fabric also means that it shows off lumps and bumps a little easier. I am wearing my RAGO 1294 girdle for smoothness. I admit that I actually love having an excuse to wiggle into my Rago girdle.  It's like a sexy body hug that encourages me to sit up a bit straighter and walk with more intent (good posture ladies! start now).

I have been catching up on Showtime's Masters of Sex.  It's such a fantastic show based on the real lives if Masters and Johnson and the first studies into human sexuality. 

The styling on that show is so polished.  I am a sucker for vintage styling anyway... but, that show has some of the most beautiful fashion and styling I've seen in a period drama (sorry Mad Men!). 

My Grammy taught me that a very polished retro look is all in the details and accessories. So, I customized some shoes and gloves to match the bone/light khaki color in the dress. 

That's the great thing about a timeless cut like the Dominique.  You can style it a variety of ways and it just looks fantastic.

It's truly lady-like, office appropriate and comfortable to wear all day. Classy without being overly dowdy. 

Here are some of my other favorite pieces from IGIGI's Fall 2014 Urban Jungle collection. 
(Right to Left)
Francesca Dress in Mocha Leopard
Morgan Dress in Downtown Dot
Lark Wrap Top in Emerald Escape

What are your favorite pieces from the new IGIGI Fall collection? 
Lemme know in the comments.


  1. This dress is my favorite, thanks to how good you look in it! My other favorite are hearer on my blog, http://themuffinqueenscloset.blogspot.com/2014/09/igigi-urban-jungle-2014.html

  2. here, not hearer...how did that even happen?!

    1. I do that all the time. Especially on my phone. xoxoxo



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