Like A Boss 2: In Glorious Technicolor

Blue Polka Dot dress with collar
via Gwynnie Bee

Lane Bryant (not current, sorry ladies!)

Malco Modes
Meghan (black XL)

Payless (customized orange)

Let's break it down for just a second... get a little personal. 
At a certain point during puberty... family and society started to shame me for wearing things, like this.  They were too "young" or the colors "weren't flattering"or they "make you look pregnant.   Lemme tell you something, kittens!  Your life is yours.  You only get one.  If you want to walk around looking like a fluffy birthday cake... do it!  Life is too short to not wear the orange sweater or sleeveless top or fatkini or skinny jeans (whatever your birthday cake is, eat it).  Do it!  Love it! 
Fashion is meant to be enjoyed.  Our bodies are meant to be enjoyed.  The two just happen to go together deliciously. 

I blogged about the Samya Black and White dot dress last week in my Like a Boss: Retro/Modern Powersuit blog post.  I thought that sizing up would help the fit.  Unfortunately, it made the bodice really baggy (and the arm holes were too big, versus too small on the last dress). 

But, that's okay!  Sweater to the rescue, once more.
I actually own this exact sweater in seven colors. 
I love the fit and that it's nice and thin.  I also love the button details at the cuffs.  But, I digress!  Let's talk about COLOR and shape. 

Orange seemed like the perfect color to go with the bright blue of the dress. 

I really love the high waisted skirt look that is popular, right now.  But, I also love having a dropped defined waist (it just cuts up my proportions well with my extra long torso).  I achieved the best of both worlds with this Samya dress by tying the matching belt high on my waist over the sweater. 
I really love the way that the pattern breaks up the line from the skirt to the neckline, this way. 

The Meghan crinoline from Malco Modes is ideal for a cotton circle skirt like this.  It gives some flare and volume without being too poofy or unmanageable.  I own the Meghan in three colors and use that style of crinoline the most frequently. 
I had tried this look with a red Meghan crinoline... but, it was unfortunately too circus (too much color in that case).  I wanted to balance the circus and retro vibe with some accents.  Since I added the pink accent to the monochrome version of this same look... it seemed like a fun idea to go with black.  Though, orange or white would have also been awesome (and it made me lust after buying more Meghans!  I want to own one in every single color someday!). 

I had the option to buy/keep this wonderful dress from Samya through Gwynnie Bee for the low price of $30 (seriously.  join! you won't regret it).  I did not buy it (the fit, for me was just too off on my broadness).  But, this really is a beautiful fun versatile dress!!!

A few notes about the dress: 
The bodice is not lined.  The skirt is lined. 
The buttons on the bodice are fabric covered (so cute).
It wrinkles like nobody's business!  I ironed this beast for two hours (and it still had wrinkles).
But, once it is unwrinkled the smoothed fabric adds a lot to the shape and volume of the skirt.



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