Poppy and Bloom: Girl Next Door

Poppy and Bloom
Girl Next Door
Size 22

Payless (customized)

Tory Burch (prescription)

It still warm here during the day (not as hot as it was during the heatwave, thankfully!).   It's cotton day dress, bare legs and sunglasses weather. 

The breeze kicked up... plants are pooping pollen everywhere... flowers and trees are blooming.  It's like a second Spring!

This pretty flower print "Girl Next Door" dress from Poppy and Bloom is ideal for days like these. Husband and I were joking that I only seem to wear these dresses on breezy days.

I went a size down, this time.  The last Poppy and Bloom dress I had was a size 24.  The bodice gapped at the neckline and at the armholes a bit.  Sizing down really helped with the bodice fit... but, it also brought the waist and hem up a few inches.  I feel like the overall fit is more flirty and form-flattering in the smaller size. 

I recently got my first pair of prescription sunglasses, ever.  I've been wearing glasses since age 3... and I once had some of those "transition" lenses (which eventually stop transitioning and go a weird between clear/sunglasses shade of weird). 

I love these Tory Burch frames... but, my lenses are so thick that they had to fully flatten the front of the glasses so they'd fit.  As a result... they sort of perch precariously with all of the weight on my nose. 

Before you think "Hey, Vivi... why didn't you just get the super thin high index lenses that cost  an arm and a leg?"   ... I did. 
I got the super fancy lenses... and they seem to still be TOO THICK for these lenses (there is too much stress on the hinges, too).  Did I mention that I'm super blind? 
I think that I am going to have to go and pick out a different pair of frames.


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