ABS by Allen Schwartz Plus Size Review

ABS by Allen Schwartz
Size 24 (this jacquard dress has no stretch)


This is my first experience with this designer/brand.  I have to tell you that I am beyond impressed!  The design, fit, textiles and overall construction are top notch.  This dress has a very classic and basic cut that could have been blaaaaah.  But, the cut of the neckline, straps and the placement of the pleats at the waist are what take this design and elevate it well above anything else similar that I've tried. 

The fabric is gorgeous!  It's a snake print jacquard that feels like a high end upholstery fabric (which I love!  I love high end upholstery fabrics used in fashion.  They are sturdy and beautiful).  It also changes color in the light a bit and has a gorgeous sheen. 

The wide neckline is ideal for me because I am very broad.  It cuts up my torso beautifully and elongates my neck.  I have a very long torso and necklines are a frequent problem area for me. 
The pleats at the waist are glorious because they allow the skirt to flare out while not creating a bulge of fabric at the waist.  The result is a much more sleek silhouette. 

The brand is pricey.  You get what you pay for from ABS!  It is built to last and wears really well. 
The inside is fully lined.  The construction of the bodice is superb, actually!  The lining gives it a bit of structure.
The only nitpick I have is that I would have loved if the straps had ribbon snaps to attach to your bra straps.  The wide neckline (which I love love love) makes it easy for the dress to slide and expose my bra straps.

Gorgeous gorgeous dress. 
I am looking forward to trying more from ABS.


  1. This is a real stunner! The color, the print, the tailoring...I love it all! I'm a real glutton for party dresses, so I'll have to check out ABS! Thanks for the introduction!

    <3 Liz

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