Anna Scholz Dress -and- Why I am taking a Gwynnie Bee break [with UPDATE]


Anna Scholz via Gwynnie Bee

Customized (I swear I will blog about how to do it this winter!)

Oh adventures in fashion!  I swear that I would not choose a loud colorful print, like this one... but it works really well on me.  The proportions of the flowers suit my size quite well. 
    I also love that the neckline is entirely elasticized which allowed me to wear it wide on my broad shoulders. 
I think that a lot of gals with broad shoulders are afraid to wear fashion that accentuates them.  Personally, I think if you have glorious broad shoulders you should showcase them!  Whenever I wear something with a narrow/small neckline I feel like it makes the rest of me look more broad and strange.  Elongating that line cuts my upper body into more elegant shapes. 
But, that's just my style!  You should wear things that make you feel good about yourself.  I just don't think that anybody should be ashamed of the body they have (and frankly, the girls who tell me "I have broad shoulders" just have a bit of upper arm fluff and their shoulders are actually quite narrow and feminine.  I think that arms are one of the areas on a plus size gal cause the most anxiety... but, they shouldn't!  All arms are amazing). 

This was my first experience with the Anna Scholz line... and I am really impressed with the quality and fit. 

I honestly wish that more plus size dresses and tops were designed with a neckline that is elasticized.  I like options. 
There is a top from SWAK that I want to try, next, that has a fully elasticized neckline. 

I decided to take a break from Gwynnie Bee for a couple of months and focus on the fashion I have here at home that isn't from GB.  Plus... I just haven't been happy with their new arrivals and general fashion selection and the quality control, lately.  I won't go into details... but, I was frustrated enough to cancel this month when I have a free garment upgrade coming to me in November.  I didn't feel that it was worth it to stick around and be stressed out about the service as it is, lately. 

I wish that GB would get more high fashion and counterculture options mixed into their dowdy matronly work-wear selections.  I understand that a lot of women use the service to get work appropriate clothing.  I personally like the service because it gives me a chance to try new brands and figure out the sizing (every plus brand is different as far as sizing and fit). 
Unfortunately, lately, it's been a parade of unfortunately cut and ill fitting house brand stuff. 
They charge the same for their house brands [Triste, Spruce and Sage, Flor] as they do for brands like IGIGI... which doesn't make sense to me when IGIGI is superior in quality and fit AND construction.  Frankly, you can get a better quality garment for full price through SWAK and it will be less expensive than a 'discounted' house brand dress through GB. 

I'm sure that they will be making some adjustments to their house brand styles in the future (and I look forward to seeing that happen).  In the meantime... I just don't have the patience to hang out and waste money while they roll out new releases that have maybe 1-2 items that I (and everyone else) will like... which puts those 1-2 items into super high demand (meaning it will likely be about a year before I see them, if they aren't discontinued first). 

There is little appeal in spending $100 a month to try on clothes that you aren't excited about and don't get to keep... when you could invest that same money into brands you love and clothes you are stoked about that you get to keep.   That said... I will totally go back to GB if they start offering more clothes that I want to wear (and stop sending wrinkled and ripped clothes to me).


[UPDATE 10/29/2014]

I'm frustrated.  I've given this some time to process before adding it to this blog...

I got an email from GB (the same day this blog was published) stating that they didn't get this dress back from me.  I mailed it back with the two house brand tester dresses. 


When I explained to the representative that the dress was already sent back (and to please contact their warehouse to double check)... they told me that they didn't have it and that there was no USPS info for the bag.  O_O   This was at 1am in the morning my time (so, I *know* she didn't contact the warehouse). 
This dress is like $200! 

Do you know what they do if you haven't returned an item after cancellation?  They charge you for it! 
So, in this case... I was faced with the possibility of not having the dress and being charged for it, too. 

Unbelievable!!!  STRESSFUL

So, I checked with my husband that the bag was, in fact, returned to the post office. 

Once the issue was resolved on THEIR end... they didn't bother to write me about it.  They just removed the item from my "at home" section on their site.  I had to email and PUSH to get information about it. At that point a different representative for GB wrote me back to thank me for helping them track down the issue. 

These photos for this blog were taken over a month ago... and it makes me wonder if they thought I had the dress here because the post was published AFTER I had cancelled!  Unbelievable.  

So, watch yourselves, ladies!  Cover your butt.  When ladies advised me to photograph or write down return tracking numbers I thought they were paranoid.  Ends up that they were right. 
During the ordeal I also learned that at least one member had a USPS investigator come to her home regarding mail fraud (I guess that GB had sent out bags with duplicate tracking numbers on them... which, is mail fraud on THEIR part, not the customer's!). 

Just be careful.  They've made some changes recently and it appears to have caused some issues with their processing. 


GB assures me that they send out recovery emails regularly and that their email had nothing to do with my blog's publication.  I suppose that the timing was just awful, then... and maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion.  Obviously I've been upset with GB lately (which is why a break felt necessary anyway). 

My card wasn't charged for the dress.  I just want to make sure that you please please please keep copies of your tracking numbers... just in case!  If a package gets lost in the mail (and, for my business, 1 out of every 500 do get lost in the mail!) you might run into some problems. 

I did suggest that GB maybe make it possible to input tracking from the bags we send back onto the site... so that everyone can track garments being returned. 

I'm sorry... but, the mere idea of being charged for something I've returned... just made me feel sick!  Especially such an expensive piece!


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