Hell Bunny: B Movie Dress

Hell Bunny
B-Movie dress
(I'm wearing the 4X.  This is a Junior's plus cut)

Malco Modes
Michelle (red)


Halloween is probably the best holiday out of the whole year!  You get to dress up and be anything you want to be... stuff your face full of candy or booze (or both)... and marathon horror films! 
At least... that's how I celebrate Halloween.  :) 

Okay... I admit it... I wish that EVERY DAY was Halloween!!! 

You already know that I love me some Hell Bunny.  This B Movie dress is probably my second favorite in my collection (the blue May Day is my absolute favorite!).  This is a junior's cut (like the 50s Charlie dress) so the 4x is a 20/22 on top.  It has a bit of stretch, though, because the back is fully smocked.  Plus, the halter ties give you a lot of play in how low or high you want to wear it.  That adjustability is really cool, for me, because I have this long torso to flatter. 
If you aren't a big fan of halter ties you can always turn them into straps by sewing them to the back. 

The print on this dress is INSANE!  The detailed posters are adorable and I seriously would watch each of these campy imaginary creepshows. 
Tonight the road runs red! 
Come on!  That sounds like such a fun sexy bloody romp.

Note:  The print is delicate and screened onto the fabric.  This is the probably the only Hell Bunny dress I *strongly* advise you dry clean only.  Others can be washed on cold/delicate and then pressed without much issue.  But, this one will absolutely fade, the colors will run together and it will turn into garbage if you machine wash it. 

THE PRINT IS SO AWESOME!  Each poster is easy to read.  So much fun!


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