Spruce and Sage Fit and Flare review [Gwynnie Bee]

Spruce and Sage
(Gwynnie Bee exclusive house brand)
Fit and Flare


Gwynnie Bee has been working on developing their three house brands [Flor, Spruce and Sage, Triste].  They asked select members to try out the new fit on the Spruce and Sage "Fit and Flare" dress.... take photos wearing it... and give them a review. 

Normally I'm ecstatic about Fit and Flare dresses!  I tried this dress cut in two different sizes.  I started with the 4x and then got a 3x because I felt that the 4x fit was a bit frumpy.  The 3x fit better up top but ended up being shorter than the 4x. 

Ultimately... I do not like this dress on my figure.  The neckline is too high.  The "flare" isn't substantial enough.  It ends up looking like a long shirt and makes me look bigger (in both sizes). 
This dress would be great for a shorter lady (I'm 6'2) who plans to wear it under a blazer... or for someone who likes to wear leggings with dresses. 

It's quite modest.
The fabric is pretty and much higher quality compared to other Gwynnie Bee house brand garments. 
I think they are definitely headed in a good direction!  Now I just want them to bring some STYLE to their designs. 


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