ModCloth 'You Are Cherry Welcome' dress.

Don't mind me... I'm just flirting with myself. 
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You Are Cherry Welcome dress
[this dress is sadly discontinued!  But, scroll down to the bottom for a link to a similar dress in white!]

Red Sweater
Lane Bryant
[from winter 2012]

Malco Modes
XL - Red

Style and Co.


KISS MY SASS, BUDDY!!!  (I call this pose "The pooping Flamingo")

This adorable baby blue cherry dress from ModCloth was a birthday gift (my birthday is in May... so, it's been in my closet for a spell).

I happened to get my hands on one before they sold out entirely... as, I am super duper sad to report that this dress appears to be discontinued entirely!

I went hunting high and low on the web and it appears that the fabric itself has been discontinued.  So, barring a reprint on the fabric... I don't think that we're going to see this dress out there ever again. 

*sad trombone*

The cut, cups and cross over front really emphasize my lady bits and hug my body in all the right places!  So, if nothing else, I hope that ModCloth will source this cut in another fabric option.  I would buy *all* of them, if they did.  The fabric is thick and the bodice is fully lined (which, as I've said before when talking about plus size clothing, is *so important* For the longevity of your clothing!).  At only $60 this dress is much higher quality than all of the Cherry Velvet dresses I've tried (and much better quality than a few of the Hell Bunny dresses I've tried, as well). 

I added the Malco Modes Meghan crinoline for a bit of length (this dress is VERY short on me.  The white version below is much much longer by comparison and it has a much more modest bust and fuller skirt).  I feel like the red ruffles with the red belt just bring it all together into something rather special.  I'm a sucker for cutie retro/pinup style, anyway... and any excuse to wear a crinoline or petticoat is a good excuse, in my book!  

"Hey, Vivi!  This isn't very seasonal!  Don't you know it's FREEZING outside!!?!"

Feel free to hate me... because Los Angeles creates its own sundress weather year round!  A light sweater, cardigan or hoodie is all you really need on cool days, here.  After being down here for three years I'm still a bit shocked at the lack of seasons... but, I also *really* love it.  Fall, here, is perfect weather for me.  "Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."... or thin sweater... or cardigan... or hoodie.

The "Pull Up a Cherry" dress from ModCloth.

Check out the Pull Up a Cherry dress on ModCloth!


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