Sophisticated Sensual Style: Mixing Textures

Red Satin Charmeuse Tie-neck Top
Worthington Woman
Size 3X

Black Velvet high waist Skirt
Charter Club
Size 24 (no stretch!)


There is something powerful and extraordinarily feminine and sophisticated about textures.  I've always loved the visual tactile experience of wearing mixed textures and the way that they adapt the light. 

Velvet's high pile absorbs light giving any color a richer hue... and gives black an especially blacker-than-black appearance.

Satin Charmeuse has a subtle satin glow (like pearls) and very lightweight feel against the skin... even more lightweight than satin. 

Leather is thick, buttery, smooth and has a more structured sheen. 

Mixing these textures together is a feast for the eyes! 

I have talked a lot, over the years, about the benefit of mixing textures in makeup application.  How various textures reflect and absorb light helping the wearer achieve magical results.  Matte textures absorb light and flatten skin creating depth.  Opal textures give the skin a subtle highlighted glow.  Satin, Metallic and Sparkly textures give an intense 3D effect because they bounce light back at the viewer's eye.  You can use texture tricks to draw attention to different shapes on your face and around your eyes to add definition and emphasis. 

Understanding how to use these same theories in Style/Fashion can be equally helpful in achieving a desired look.  It's all about smoke and mirrors!  Emphasizing and minimizing.  Accentuating and distracting. 

I am smaller on the top than on the bottom (by 1-2 sizes).  Not exactly an exaggerated pear.  But, when I gain weight or swell from medication... I do so in the belly and butt. 
When I lose weight I always lose it up top first... in my upper abdomen, shoulders/arms/neck... and also in my legs.  The lower belly/butt are always the last to come along for the weight loss ride... but, the first to jump on the weight gain bandwagon!  I also have an extra long torso and my natural waist is about 3" lower than the average woman.  That might not seem like a lot... but, when you're trying to balance out an outfit it can be tricky to find items that hit at my natural waistline. 

Because of this, I like to minimize my belly and butt and accentuate my upper body and legs.  That's why I avoid bodycon or shift/sheath dresses and pencil skirts... and lean toward flared A-line skirts, circle skirts, draping and petticoats.  I feel that the flow and flare balance out my figure best. 

Since velvet helps to absorb the light... flattening out my form in that area and minimizing the appearance of bulge.... it minimizes the larger area of my body while delightfully covering it in plush beautiful fabric. 
The red charmeuse is eye catching.  The shape of the top brings your eyes UP like an arrow to my favorite feature (my face) and showcases my broad upper body in a flattering way.  I've had a lot of young ladies talk to me about their fear of showing their arms (or tell me that they don't wear certain types of tops because they have broad shoulders).  Believe it or not... cutting up your torso and showing skin can flatter your arms and shoulders more than if you cover them in an expanse of fabric.  Even with layering you can make the mistake of giving the illusion of broader shoulders than you actually have by wearing a cardigan or bolero in an eye catching color or unflattering cut that doesn't split up your upper body into pleasing proportions. 

Of course... your style is all about YOU! 
These are just aesthetic tricks I like to use to balance out my own unique figure... and a peek into my mind and how I see my own body. 
Please know that this is not me "hating" my body.  I LOVE my body!  I see my body as a canvas and fashion as paint... Style is my ART.  And, this is how I go about creating my masterpieces.  

Hopefully this inspires you to consider new ways to play with textures and shapes on your body... and adorn yourself in beautiful creative ways. 


  1. So confidential post..I appreciate you that you are posing such a brave and professional way..No doubt it's very sophisticated and high class too.thanks for sharing.keep posting



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