Lane Bryant Retro French Overwire Bra Review

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Lane Bryant French Overwire bra

You're in luck!  This beauty is being clearanced on Lane Bryant for only $19.99. 
I grabbed myself a back-up. 

Von Follies: Her Sexellency bra

The reviews are mixed on this bra (which is why I think it sadly ended up on clearance).  I've owned it since this last spring... and I love it! 

I purchased it to wear for a burlesque show. 

This bra draws distinct design inspiration from the Von Follies: Her Sexellency look. 
This is a good thing, for me, because the Von Follies line doesn't go up to my size.  The Lane Bryant version doesn't have the plunge that Her Sexellency has... but, that is ideal for breasts with more volume, anyway. 

Underwire styles are the most common type of bra for plus sized women.  So, wearing this type of bra might feel a little odd to you if you are used to that look and feel. 
Overwire bras are a bit different in that the wire holds the top of the bra's shape (instead of the bottom of the bra). I love that this overwire bra is a convertible bra for that very reason. 

My problem with the majority of convertible/strapless bras is that they tend to have a lot of mooosh up top.  They "hoist em up" but, then they just leave them hanging, after that.  Overwire strapless bras keep everything wrangled and right where it needs to be. They give a more refined look and are less sloppy. 

Overwire bras are not going to give you a cleavage parade.   But, they will give you a smooth feminine silhouette with some retro flare.  Plus... as far as lingerie goes... um... HELLO, SEXY AS FUCK, MUCH!!?!
This is a power bra.
This is the bra you put on when you plan to show your bra.  It's the opening band for the concert that is your awesome breasts!

And, who couldn't use a little $19.99 lingerie pick-me-up this Christmas? 


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