I'm wearing Mon Ennui Cosmetics. 
Eyes: 2am glitter over Silver Lining gel eyeliner.  Black Haute gel liner.
Pigments: Soil, Alabaster
Lips: No Place Like Home glitter patted over lipstick

I hope that 2015 has been kind to you, so far!  After an absolute shit Christmas (which is a long story that is better glossed over) I was pretty determined to kick 2015 right in the balls. 

I spent New Year's Eve dancing on stage with the RAID dancers at Bootie's Sh!t Show. 
Had an *amazing* time.  There were like 1500 people there!  After the balloons dropped it was so packed that it was impossible for the crowd to dance.  Insanity! 

The dancers from RAID are friendly, energetic and so fun.  A group of all shapes, sizes and ages... with different styles and performance backgrounds.  They were just a joy! 

I dressed up as a sparkly pirate.  

Fun fact about my hat:  The base hat (under all of those feathers) was gifted to us at a Bootie show in San Francisco.  <3  It only seemed appropriate to wear it to the Bootie NYE show.  It was a huge hit. 

It's absolutely no wonder why Bootie is in the top 10 club nights in Los Angeles (LA Weekly). 

The crowd is killer and the show is such a good time.

He let me flog him.  <3

I'll be performing/dancing/goofing off/being dead sexy with the RAID dancers at Bootie again next weekend (Saturday the 17th) for DECADE WARS!

Come drink and dance with us all night long.  


 Other than that I've been busy with making costumes. 

I'm making fifty bazillion (probably more like 500?) of these abstract peacock feathers... which will have lots of rhinestones...
And, then will be applied to a costume.  Because I like to torture myself, like that. 

It won't be read in time for next weekend.  But, this is why I'm not blogging as much, right now. 

I even have a pile of amazing clothes to show you!!!!  Between the holiday rush for Mon Ennui, doing inventory now, gutting and cleaning my place (all.the.things) and moving down a floor... I'm exhausted!

But, I promise that more blogness is on the way! 

I have sooooo much to say... share... talk about. 

I've been mostly avoiding angry online people who rant a lot.  Angry ranting is cathartic... and contagious... and addictive. 

Trying to do that whole *BE THE CHANGE* I want to see in the world. 

I'm also keeping it real weird on my Instagram pretty regularly. 
You can join me there:  viviennui 


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