Hips and Curves Vintage Dot Thigh Highs

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Hips and Curves Vintage Dot Thigh Highs
(2 for $30)

ModCloth Tailored Translucence Skirt
(totally sold out)

Apt 9
[Kohl's also not currently available]

I purchased this skirt from ModCloth during their Black Friday sale.  Then, two weeks later it was completely sold out when they dropped it to half off (making me wish I had waaaited!  But, I'm okay.  I have shopping zen.). 

These thigh highs, though!!!!!!  Let's talk about them for a while. 

I've recommended other brands in the past that definitely fit my 30" thighs... but, they didn't reach all the way up and stopped short above the knee.  That isn't a problem with very long skirts... but, I don't like flashing band when I walk and couldn't wear them under shorter dresses and skirts. 

These, on the other hand, fit VERY well. 
Hips and Curves knocked it out of the park on these vintage dot thigh highs!  Once the silicone backed lace band was placed properly (and you must place them properly for them to stay up) they stayed up amazingly well.  The band went just above the dreaded "chub rub" zone... making them feel more like pantyhose and giving my thighs a surface to effortlessly slide against. 

I'm wearing the size 5/6X which is the largest size they have (for me... being so tall means that I have to size up on a lot of hosiery so that the length will work for me).  They also have a Petite option on some of their thigh highs if you have girthy thighs and calves but don't need all of the length.   
I have a 32" inseam (which kinda means that my thighs are as thick as my legs are long).  If you have smaller thighs (please measure) or shorter legs... I wouldn't recommend getting the biggest size... or they will be baggy and fall down without garters. 

Hips and Curves has these on sale for 2 for $30. 
I am eager to try the rest of their "extended" plus hosiery. 

These are honestly THE BEST fitting thigh highs I have ever worn.  They look great without a garter belt... but, the lace is also garter belt friendly and have such a pretty presentation. 

Another thing I really appreciate about these:  They are sheer without being shiny.  A lot of plus hosiery puts a lot of lycra/spandex into the weave... which, in turn, creates a super shiny effect.  Sometimes a gal just wants that sheer semi-matte effect that evokes silk.

*tip:  If you have trouble with silicone bands slipping down, pull your stocking to your knee - wipe your thighs with rubbing alcohol applied to a paper towel (and allow it to air dry) before pulling up your stocking band.  Take your time to really work the band and get it to lay flat and position properly.  You will be able to tell when it fits well because it will feel like it is hugging your thigh and pulling on it a little bit (it should not be uncomfortable).
The alcohol is going to remove any oils and lotion you have on your thighs that would keep the silicone from gripping your skin. 

Is a thigh-selfie a thelfie?


  1. I just wanted to say how much I love your vintage outfit.The plum coloured blouse, translucent skirt and dot pattern thigh highs look fabulous. It harkens back to a day when women really showed off their feminine side. You look gorgeous and model the outfit beautifully!




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