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Lindy Bop
Size 5X 
(check their size chart and measure yourself! I was a size 22/24 and the 5X fit me as expected)

Malco Modes

Ohhh... Ophelia! 

I lusted after you for over a year.  From 2013-2014 I thought about you constantly. 
I kept telling myself "I will ask for you for Christmas!" and, I did.  And, when you were on your way to me I was the most excited I've been in a very very long time. 

Then, you arrived... and you betrayed me, Ophelia!  So, I shot some quick photos in you and sent you back.  Now I'm finally recovered from my heartbreak and have to tell the plus sized community why you broke my fat little heart. 

I know.  You're thinking... "But, Vivi!  It's a cute dress!  Why on earth are you so upset?"
Let me explain why I am upset for all of us as plus sized consumers.

Here is the Lindy Bop Ophelia dress as advertised online:

Here is how the Lindy Bop Ophelia Dress fits on the beautiful Cici Marie (photo/blog found through Google search, link is to her blog):

Things that attracted me to this dress:

  • The Color:  Come on!  Red and Tealy turquoise and gold!  That wallpaper floral, though.  *drools*
  • The Waist: A flattering high waist that isn't too high.  Nicely cut bodice nips in under the ribcage above the natural waist.
  • The FULL skirt:  Oh, how I love a full gorgeous circle skirt!  The flare. The poof!  The magic! I am a full-on sucker for a gorgeous circle skirt.

But, here is what Lindy Bop doesn't tell you about the Ophelia (anywhere you attempt to order it) when you get up into the plus sized versions of this dress... they substitute the full circle skirt for an a-line cut instead.  This means that they have to use less material to make these plus sized dresses. 

And, you know what... I get it Lindy Bop!  You want to cut costs... so, you decided to change the pattern of the dresses in the plus size end of the spectrum.  If that is the case you need to tell your consumers that!  You can't just send me some bullshit A-line dress when I was expecting a full circle skirt. 

There are a few problems with this design change: 
The lack of full skirt doesn't give that nipped-in and then dramatic flare that I thought I was getting.
The A-line design makes the body of the dress more snug through the torso until it finally slightly flares out through the hips to the knees. 

This might not be a deal-breaker for you.  And, if you like it... that's awesome!  You now know what you are getting yourself into and will be happy with your purchase.  For me... this was not the effect I was looking for and ended up making me look thicker from bust to hip (not my goal).
To combat this I actually pulled some of the top of the skirt up and tucked it under the bodice until the flare hit at a better point on my body (which means that I would have had to pay to have it professionally altered).
It originally hit at the knee and I pulled it up and belted it above the knee.

The skirt had no flounce.  It was a cone.

But, it isn't all bad!

The fabric is thick and high quality.  The pattern itself is screen printed (like a tshirt) onto a white fabric... but it made for more vibrant colors and a thicker feel.  As you can see from the product image up at the top of this blog, the dress doesn't advertised as lined... but, mine came with a fully lined bodice (which was great!  I feel that plus sized dresses should always have a lined bodice for longevity). 

If Lindy Bop hadn't skimped on the skirt fabric/cut this would have easily become one of my favorite dresses EVER!  I would probably have demanded to be buried in it. 

This is an unfortunate trend when a straight sized brand adds plus sizes to their line.  They will often change the cut to save money on fabric (so that they don't have to charge you more for being plus sized).  I understand that brands have to walk this line between offering plus sizes and being profitable without charging more for plus sizes and insulting us in the process. 
My issue with that is in the final product.  I want to get what was advertised to me!  I don't want to feel left out or misled.  So, either hire a larger model and show me what I am getting myself into or explain the difference in the cut and show the plus version with your other product shots. 

For an A-line dress the Lindy Bop Ophelia is much higher quality than any of the Cherry Velvet dresses I've ever worn.  It's also about 1/3rd of the price of Cherry Velvet, too (which might seem very attractive to many of you who want vintage style without spending a fortune).

The bust of the dress is adorable! I love the turquoise cups and the way that the dress cuts down under the bust to enhance the shape (and for even bustier babes, this looks especially gorgeous!).

It's been about four months since I sent this dress back... and I don't miss it. 
Sometimes I make a hasty decision about a garment and regret returning it. 
That wasn't the case, here. 

Lindy Bop:  PLEASE consider offering this dress in the future with the same pattern/style as the straight sizes!  I would happily pay an extra $20-25 for a fuller skirt. 


Have you ever had your heart broken, like this, by a dress before? 
Are you a plus sized fashionista with a love for other Lindy Bop styles you want to recommend to me?

Let me know in the comments! 


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