Hell Bunny and Eloquii: A Retro Modern Romance!

I'm wearing the size 4X
This is a Hell Bunny Top (so order your Hell Bunny size)

I'm wearing a size 24  - and, it is totally sold out, now!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  YOU GUYS!  I've had this Eloquii skirt packed up to blog for months, now!  Unfortunately it is now no longer available on their site.  I was going to blog about this skirt in January... and then /bam... Achilles rupture-town, down for the count for months!   But, now I'm back (better later than never ever, eh?).  It's a wonderful skirt and I love it lots and lots.  What I love about a lot of Eloquii skirts is that you can style them very modern or very retro. 
They have some wonderful new scuba midi skirts available.  I am especially fond of this really cute black and teal horizontal stripe scuba skirt (it is another example of an Eloquii piece that can be dressed very modern or very retro depending on your style choices).

I also want to take a moment to give a shout-out to my amazing PT, Susan (who might be reading this. Hi Susan!  I expect glitter on my birthday!)!  A few weeks back I was struggling pretty hard after stepping off a curb and popping some scar tissue in my ankle... and she helped me to refocus on the things that I CAN do instead of the thing that I can't.   So, here I am back to regularly blogging again (like a BOSS).  I owe a lot to her help and awesomeness.  She's my human scalpel.  I wouldn't be as advanced in my recovery without her awesomeness to guide me and find all of the spots that are locked up and hurting.

My hair is also in an unfortunate phase, right now.  But, it will be back to being glorious, soon!   I've been trying to get rid of my black hair so I can get back into commercial modeling and acting.  I loved my black hair.  I really needed a change, last year and I was glad to have some time off of being a ginger kid.  The next time I want amazing long black hair... I'm going to lay down $100 on a nice wig and keep my red.  Getting rid of this black (even though it was semi permanent) has been crazy.   I've been using Color Oops once a week.  It's working!  But, the progress is slow. 

Okay... but, now I'm writing a series of segues instead of writing about fashion.  Reign it in, Vivi!

This "Pizzaz You Like It" top is really damn amazing.  I was a little scared... because Hell Bunny runs small.  I ordered the 4X (which is usually a size 20/22) and it fit really nicely.  It's only $30.  It's cotton and can be worn off the shoulders!  The front actually ties/unties (that isn't just some fancy faux tie).  The soft mint and little black swiss dots are an adorable combination. 
I have hunted it down in other colors and styles, already.  And, like so much Pogs and Pokemons... I plan to collect them *all*!! 

The great thing about ModCloth is that they carry sizes XS-4X.

More Hell Bunny Love:

I found this same style shirt in Red, Blue or Black stripes: HERE!

For only $29.99

And here is an adorable Hell Bunny skirt that would look amazing with those tops above!
For only $40!

Both are available through those links at sizes XS-4X.


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