Spring into Summer with Daring Color

Short Sleeve V Neck Tshirt (only $11.50 shipped!).
size 3X

Full Skirt With Pleats (retail price $89.90)
Tropical Green
size 24

I prefer wearing black.  Somewhere in my youth some adult told me to wear black because it is "slimming".  The sage fashionista she was, she wanted to grant this unfortunate fat kid (me) in bright colors the wisdom to conceal herself with the cloaking abilities of black everything.  By high school everyone thought that I was a Goth kid (I was really just fat and trying to look "slimmer".  I should have been focusing on wearing what I liked, instead.). 
Even recognizing this about myself as an adult, nine times out of ten... if black is an option, I am going to choose black.  The majority of what I own is black.  Even when I do wear color I usually wear a bold color up top and black on the bottom.  Black is comforting.  Though, instead of getting it because I think it makes me look smaller... I get black clothing because I think solid black is very chic and timeless. 

Color intimidates me and I am trying to get over that.   I see women wearing bold fashionable colors and always think "How beautiful, stylish and confident"... so, I decided that I should probably not think "I like it when other women do it, but, it would never ever look good on me".
And, yellow... ugh!  Yellow is on my list of least favorite colors ever.  I have always felt that yellow makes me look sickly.  

Color Inspiration. 
Then I was cruising around the internet and saw some photos that were just stunning.  They had this cheerful and elegant combination of turquoise or teal and yellow or mustard. 

I have always associated primary colors with children's toys, theme parks and fast food... and if you had told me five years ago that I would randomly become obsessed with wearing blue and yellow together I would have thought you were high on some designer drug that was about to inspire you to eat your own face.  
Yet, there I was last week desperately trying to find a mustard yellow top to go with my Elloqui Tucker Midi Skirt in Tropical Green. [Eloquii has changed the name of this skirt to: Full Skirt with Pleats]

I eventually landed on a crazy inexpensive fitted tshirt on Amazon (for only $11.50!? And, I have Prime... so, two day shipping included in the price tag!? *unff* COME TO MEEE!).  I thought "Well, even if I get it and I hate the mixture of mustard and teal... nobody ever has to know!"  Yes.  I go through this insecure process in my head when I try something outside of my comfort zone. 

The shirt arrived and it fit exactly how I had hoped.  The quality was way higher than I was expecting.  It is 95% cotton and 5% spandex (which means that it is stretchy, keeps its shape and also breathes).  This isn't the type of tshirt that I would buy to wear with a pair of jeans.  This is the type of tshirt that I absolutely want to wear with a fuller skirt because it hugs my body, accentuates my chest and has a nice plunging neckline. 
I recommend this shirt to any plus sized babes out there who want to build a nice rainbow of fitted tshirts to wear with skirts, but don't want to pay a ton of money for them. It is a bit thin, so I do recommend wearing a flesh colored bra underneath.  It is all around a super deal for a really great tshirt.

Now... let's talk about the Tucker Midi Skirt for a moment. 
Typically I prefer a nice full circle skirt because I like fullness (it makes me feel all flirty and femme).  But, sometimes you want a skirt that is a bit more sleek and sophisticated... less fluffy/twirly.  My issue with fitted bodycon/pencil/sleek skirts is that they hug parts of me that I don't actually want hugged.  The Tucker Midi has some brilliant pleats in the front of the skirt that keep it from hugging the belly and hip area (areas that I prefer to minimize, myself.  Live your life if you prefer to flaunt them!).  These front pleats give more room to the stomach area without adding more volume or size!  The result is a nice a-line shape without too much cling or too much volume. 
The waistband has elastic in the back.  I am on the 26 side of 24/26, right now, and the 24 fit me great because of that bit of extra stretch and comfort in the waistband. 

This skirt is versatile in style, as well.  There are a lot of skirts that look great in a business setting... but, look too uptight out on the town.  There are a lot of skirts that look great out on the town... but, are a bit too flashy and inappropriate for the workplace.   The Tucker is fantastic for both worlds and can be styled up or down.  It is classic and simple enough for work (style it with a work appropriate blazer, cardigan or blouse and some flats), but fun and sassy enough for going out on the weekend (style it with a pair of strappy heels or sandals and a cami, tshirt or crop top). 

The satin itself isn't overly shiny or heavy.  The weight is light enough for warm days but not so light that it will show every lumpy bump underneath.  It has a nice stretch to it.  It did arrive very wrinkled (but, really ladies, when you order a satin garment online you just need to expect this as part of reality!).  The skirt is machine washable, though, and can be dried on low.  To get the wrinkles out just spritz the wrinkles with some fresh water and pop it in a dryer on low (remove it promptly, or you're going to get more wrinkles).  The heat and steam from the dryer will relax the wrinkles fast and you won't have to break your back ironing.   

Wearing this outfit out and about this weekend, I got lots of smiles and attention and compliments. 
I felt cute, but also chic and modern.  Plus... nobody else was rocking this color combination!  So, I really stood out in a good way. 

Is it wrong that I now hope to see more teal and mustard options in the plus size fashion world!?
I am selfish and want this trend to catch on so I have more options!

What colors do you consider to be totally outside of your comfort zone?
Let me know in the comments!

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