CLEARANCE SALES: Omgawd! So much cute for so cheap!

There are so many great finds out there on Clearance, right now! I thought you might want to snag some of these goodies while they are still available and super cheap.



This skirt is still availble in all four colors.  The sizing on this skirt is smaller than other Hell Bunny items and it is selling out *fast*. 
The 4X is going to be a 20/22.  No stretch/give.  Keep that in mind!
At $35 each... they are a steal, though!


Available in both green and black!  This Hell Bunny style runs BIG.  The 4X in this one is going to be more like a size 24/26.  This is similar to the Hell Bunny May Day and Alika dresses in fit.

1.) Beam Me Up Scottie Top
2.) Lay of the Island Skirt
3.) The Fan-tastic Fleur Cardigan

These are all going to run smaller than the "Like, Oh My Dot" dresses.  That skirt 4X is going to be more like a 20/22.  Both tops also run small and cropped (keep that in mind if you have a long torso, like mine).


Effie's Heart is a really great retro inspired line with a lot of modern comfort built in. 
Their clothes are designed to be casually comfortable as well as super cute. 
I always feel like I am wearing my favorite worn in tshirt when I wear Effie's Heart (but I don't look like it).  Effie's Heart runs true to size (sometimes a little big, even).
Here are some super cute Clearance finds:

1.) Rally for Romance Top
2.)  Blogging Molly Dress in Confetti [SOLD OUT]
3.) Guest of Honor Dress in Honey Tea


Here is a potpurri of awesome cutie items for under $40 (some are way under $40).


1.)  Endeavor a Dull Moment Skirt
2.)  Doll I Wanna Do Skirt
3.)  Celestial Next Time Skirt

Off the Shoulder

1.) Life in the Fab Lane Top (Red polka dot)
2.) Most Stylish Staple Dress
3.)  Cafe Parfait Top in Navy Stripes


1.)  Bloom to Breathe Dress
2.) Color Me Plaid Dress
3.)  Earthen Errands Dress


I love this site because they offer free shipping when you spend over $50. 
It's a little slower, but I always think of it this way...
I can throw in an extra cute little treat for the price of shipping and it's like a reward for being more patient for my goodies to get here! 

Here are some fabulous treats for under $10 to help you meet your $50 free shipping minimum (or to just reward yourself with because they're so freaking cute).

1.)  Harmonious Hangout Earrings
2.)  Craft Fairest of them All Earrings
3.)  Droplets of Dew Earrings in Mint

1.)  It's Eclectic Candlestick Set
2.)  Doiley Specials Trivet
3.)  Myth You Much Shaker Set

1.) Dazzling Doodles Journal
2.) Each and Aviary One Notecard Set
3.) It's Worth a Jot Journal


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