Personal Shopper: Fun in the sundresses!

I've been fantasy shopping online all week and put together a fun round-up of some of my favorites!
Since a lot of my friends/readers are also straight sized women, I have been trying my best to find pieces that range the full spectrum of sizes instead of just focusing on strictly plus sized clothing for my "Personal Shopper" features. 

Fun in the Sundresses:

1.)  To Boldly Grove Dress  (sizes S-4X)
This dress reminds me a lot of the "Sketch Me if You Can" dress by Poppy and Bloom.  The pale blue background with black and white floral is really pretty.  And, despite the high boatneck, the back has a comfortable V cut (so it won't strangle you).  It's a cute modest little dress for Summer!

2.) Era of Romance Dress (sizes XS-4X)
Another take on the black and white with a pop of color, like The Boldly Grove dress (or the Sketch Me if You Can dress)... but, this style uses yellow very delicately so it doesn't overpower the overall look.  This dress has a lovely scooping neckline and V cut in the back.  That cute yellow collar, bow and belt push this cute design over the top into *Squeeee* land, for me.

3.) On Your Bouquet List Dress (sizes S-4X)
I am a sucker for dresses that have these floral prints weighted to the hem of the skirt!  They just feel extra feminine and pretty, to me.  The bright red with the crisp white lends to a lot of different styling opportunities.  You can wear a red belt and shoes!  You could wear a red, blue or green cardigan and some cute cowboy boots or ballet flats.  Or, you could keep it simple with some sandals and a ponytail. 

4.) All According to Plant Dress (sizes S-4X)
This dress has the same cute cut as the "To Bold Grove" dress, but it has this amazing mermaidy/peacocky Moroccan paisley print!  The print and cut come together to make this dress a fun and funky late 60s/early 70s evoking mod dress.  And, I looooove it!!!!!  It also has that high modest boatneck cut in the front with the comfortable V cut in the back. 

Black and White and Cute All Over:

1.) Work this Way Dress in Ikat (sizes S-4X)
I admit that I normally am not into Ikat prints because they typically make me think of tacky bedspreads in cheap southwestern motels.  But, this monochrome Ikat print is both delicate in size and feminine in style.  The cut and print together really work this way!  I think this dress would look especially fun and funky with some solid colored accessories and shoes... or go more mod with all white or black accessories and shoes. 

2.) Charming Chocolatiere Top (sizes XS-4X)
Oh, my love for fun pinup tops!!!  I can't help myself.  This top is more modest than other pinup or nautical themed tops I've seen.  It is casual but also cute enough to wear with a skirt to a date or event.  This is the only top I'm featuring in today's Personal Shopper blog.  It must be special.  *snark*  :)

3.) Floral Lace Hem Jersey Maxi Dress (all sizes - customizable)
It. Is. So. CHIC!!!!
This fully customizable dress is the prettiest maxi dress I've ever seen in my entire life!  I love that the bottom lace part of the dress cuts up the style so that it isn't dowdy.  And, the lack of lining under the lace makes this style *hot hot hot*.  Whether you're a tall mega babe, like me, or short and usually feel overwhelmed by maxis... this dress is ideal because you can customize to to ensure the proper length and fit for both your body type and height. 
(in the event that the link doesn't take you directly to this item: search the site using the name of the dress)

4.)  Afternoon Musings Dress (sizes S-4X)
I am loving the mix of solid black and horizontal stripes!  It makes my Alice in Wonderland loving Goth heart flutter!  But, even if it doesn't tickle the dark and fantastic in you, it is still a beautiful modern dress with really cool style.  The fact that the design was thoughtful enough to ensure that the stripes would stay horizontal between the top portion and the bottom portion makes it look more expensive and chic. 

Funky Retro Modern Dresses:

1.) Florilegium Dress in Celery Green (all sizes - customizable)
This dress is beyond adorably cute!  I love the celery green shade.  The skirt has a mesh overlay that has both embroidered flowers, pretty sweeping lines at the hem that extends over your legs... and it has some beaded details!  It's a fancy little dress that isn't trying too hard.  Did I mention it has hidden pockets!?
Plus: You can customize it to fit your size/height!  You can add sleeves, as well.  Be sure to check the size chart and measure yourself before ordering.  You can pay a smidgen more to get it made fully custom to your exact measurements. 
(in the event that the link doesn't take you directly to this item: search the site using the name of the dress)

2.) Equatorial Editorial Dress (sizes XS-4X)
Unfff!  It's screaming "BUY ME and love me forever, Vivi!!).  I don't have to even tell you why I love this dress!!  Do I?  It has everything I love about summer dresses!  The pretty tropical floral print and banded waist are awesome.  But, what you should love most about this dress is that it has straps (unlike Hell Bunny dresses which frequently are halter tied and hard to wear a bra with).  Also: The cut bust detail has buttons to hold the black down and keep it from popping up!  I just want to throw a red or blue crinoline under it, put a pretty pink hibiscus in my hair and drink umbrella drinks by the sea.  This is on my *NEED* list.

3.) Elastic Belted Jersey Stripe Dress (all sizes - customizable!)
How cute is this dress!?!?!  It is both stylish and casually cool.  I love the vertical stripes with the black and alternating rusty orange/red and mustard yellow/gold.  It has a sort of dust bowl circus vibe that I like a lot.  Plus:  It comes with a matching elastic belt!  It has hidden pockets!  And, it is customizable for your size/shape. 
Though, I don't recommend adding sleeves to this cut.  That halter style is just begging to show off your gorgeous shoulders and arms this summer (whatever size you are). 
(in the event that the link doesn't take you directly to this item: search the site using the name of the dress)

4.)  Banded Stripe Cotton Poplin Dress (all sizes - customizable!)
This dress is really versatile.  You could style it retro or go very modern with it.  It would look great at a party, but will also look wonderful at work.  This style will also work well for multiple seasons and isn't strictly a summer style. 
It comes in a variety of colors:  Cyan blue, Orange, Mustard, Navy, Black and of course Red. 
It has hidden side seam pockets and can be ordered in any size or custom made to fit your unique shape and height. 
(in the event that the link doesn't take you directly to this item: search the site using the name of the dress)

Other colors:


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