POOLSIDE GLAMOUR [on a budget]

Let's be real. 
In today's economy a lot of us are struggling.  We can't really afford to buy a killer $200 swimsuit that we will probably wear ten times tops in the season.
Or, if you're like me, there are certain things you don't spend a lot of money on because you go through them fast.  I suck at keeping sunglasses.  I love them when I can find a great pair!  But, I absolutely suck the most at not losing sunglasses in the Summer.

This swimtop: 
Collections by Catalina
Size 3X (22/24)

Polarized Peacocky Sunglasses:
Dollar Tree

What I love about this swim top: It has silicone at the top edge to keep the bust in place.  The sides have 4" boning to keep the top from rolling down.  The straps cross in the back.  The neckline makes my neck look longer and my shoulders look broad, shapely and muscular.

I have a big body.  I work it. 

I'm wearing a pair of old Land's End swim bottoms.  I like long tankini styles during the Summer.  I have a long torso and it is hard to find swimwear that I can pull up my both long and big body.  The tankini came along in the 90s and pretty much changed my entire swimming life!  I've been addicted to swim separates, since. 

All of these photos were taken with my cell phone.  It's an old Galaxy S3 (I'm an Android girl.  But, I am Apple curious).  Nothing fancy... just a lot of trust that it wouldn't fall under the water.  heh. Again, nothing fancier than "style", really.  You can take great photos with inexpensive cameras.

Glamour isn't something you buy.  Having nice things can definitely make you feel more glamorous.   It's how you feel about existing in your palace (body) that makes you glamorous. 
You can feel glamorous in anything, really.  I think that clothing should make you feel good about wearing it.  Whether that's a thrift store top or a $300 gown for special events... you should just feel great about yourself. That's your personal style. 

"Style" isn't the status of your symbols, loverfaces.  It isn't what you wear... it's how you wear it.

So, don't feel like being glam is outside of your price range!

Here is a collection of super fun patriotic sunglasses I scored from The Dollar Tree!  The Red/Clear/Blue fade were a super fun find!
Cute styles go really fast.  I live within 5 miles of four Dollar Trees.  So, sometimes I drive to different stores to snag the cute stuff before it is all gone. 

Don't worry about having a big budget for new poolside gear. Just enjoy your Summer! Get your body outside and bask in the sunshine for a little while. Your body looks great in anything you feel good in. WORK IT!


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