Editorial: Old Hollywood Glamour Fatkini

My fella and I took a little adventurous day trip down to Bombay Beach down at the Salton Sea on the 4th of July.   I've been feeling cooped up and was craving an opportunity to go and explore. 
It was so hot down there (and I say "down" because the Salton Sea is more than 200 feet below sea level).  The high that day was 108 degrees... and it felt like it!

We carefully slinked through abandoned trailers and buildings until just before sunset when we decided to take advantage of the beautiful changing light and he snapped some photos of me rocking a black high waist fatkini.
I don't have any links to give you because this is something I modded myself because swimwear is very hard to find for my body type.  Especially plus size bikinis!  They just *do not* fit me the way they fit other plus sized babes of average height (average height for women in the USA is 5'4).  I'm tall, fat and have a very long torso.  I like it when the top hits me right at the bottom of my ribcage.  Ready-to-wear "high waist" products tend to fit me like a standard brief cut.  Plus, I like having a little more thigh and hip coverage... so, I don't mind rolling my own in a lot of cases. 

The sheer robe is something I made for myself, as well.  I often have a bunch of ostrich feathers attached to the neckline and sleeves.  Though, I also rather love it without the fluff and fuss. 
The matching turban was a birthday gift to myself.  I was so stoked when it arrived and it matched my robe perfectly!  Definitely adding big-head-sized turbans to my list of stuff I want to collect!

These photos turned out beautifully! 
I'm very proud of them.



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