IGIGI Lisette in Blush Argent Gown Review

The Lisette is a stunning special event gown that will effortlessly take you from day into evening.
** I was gifted this gorgeous gown from IGIGI to review.  My opinions are entirely my own. Click the dress names in this blog to visit each dress directly on their site for more photos and reviews.

Lisette in Blush Argent
Size 26

I've been so excited all Spring for this stunning gown to come out.  IGIGI recently went through some major changes behind the scenes and I feel that the positive impact of those changes is already showing in their newest designs and on their social media feeds.  One of the major changes is that they made a creative director switch to Erena Shklovsky. 
The Lisette gown is one of Erena's premiere designs and is just dripping with Old Hollywood glitz and glamour.  The fabric on the skirt has a beautiful damask print made entirely from silver sequins sewn onto the fabric with black thread overlaying the sequins.  The resulting effect is a sophisticated shimmer and sparkle that isn't overpowering or too gaudy.  The black thread also tones down the bright silver giving it depth and a more pewter hue. 

Other dresses Erena has designed include the Lara and the Tamara which both feature some stunning lace cutout details at the waist that give both dresses phenomenal shape and sexiness while still being modest.  The Tamara will especially work on all body types. 

LEFT: Lara  RIGHT: Tamara

What I love most about Erena's designs is that they are classic and timeless.  They aren't going to go out of style.  These are what we glamour loving babes call "staples".  You can count on these designs looking relevant and gorgeous on you this season, next season, next year... or even in ten years (if you're like me and take excessively good care of your clothing). 

Erena's designs are unlike anything I've seen from IGIGI and I am excited to see what else she has in store for us!

Lisette Sizing Info:

The Lisette is best suited for body types: Ruler, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle and Subtle Pear.
If you are very pear shaped, this gown likely won't work on you.  But, don't worry.  IGIGI has their knockout new Monica gown (which will look phenomenal on a variety of body types), or if you'd like something more sparkly and are rocking a pear shape try the Lakshmi.

Normally I wear a size 22/24 in IGIGI.  If you are familiar with the brand then you know that you can typically size down in IGIGI because they do run a bit big.  I had initially received a size 22 in the Lisette.  It technically fit.  The bust and shoulders fit great!  But, due to the style of this gown the skirt was very snug and unflattering through my belly, butt and hips causing the fabric to buckle and strain.  The gorgeous shimmering damask fabric is not stretchy what-so-ever!  So, I sent it back and got a size 26 instead.  The size 26 was a *perfect* fit on me. 
I'm a bit of a ruler with a little hourglass dip at my very low natural waist.  I am not busty (but the top will accommodate an ample bosom because the fabric is quite stretchy, as is the waistband). 

Sizing up on this gown (instead of down like you're used to) will ensure you'll be much happier slipping into the Lisette.  Despite all of this advice I absolutely suggest that you give yourself plenty of time before your event to send items back and exchange sizes if necessary.  IGIGI offers free ground shipping and have some of the best customer service around. 

Since IGIGI is an American made brand (all of their garments are made in the USA in lovely San Francisco) they have more freedom to be as hands on as you need them to be in helping you get the perfect dress for your needs.  If you need a special size, they can make that happen for you.

I spoke with Camille regarding their policy for VIP customers.  If you are interested in having a gown specially designed or would like a current design altered for a special event, premiere or other red carpet event IGIGI is happy to help meet your unique needs!
Simply email: Camille@CamilleSchmidtPR.com and let her know what you need so you can discuss cost and production estimations. 

If you are attending a wedding or special event where there will be black and white photography you don't always consider if your dress will suit that specific need. The Lisette looks beautiful in black and white photos (I actually struggled with whether or not to have half of this blog in black and white because this gown looks so lovely).



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