Gone gishwhes...

I'm sort of M.I.A. this week, as far as blogging goes! 

I'm participating in gishwhes ... which stands for "The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen" and is entirely for charity. 

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the awesome things we are doing during this crazy crazy week (it is all top secret).  But, I can tell you that it has been exactly what I needed in my life, right now.  There are some fun things coming up soon (I'm actually about to go to a photoshoot, today, for a plus brand that I admire greatly). 

I've been going through some major stuff, lately.  Good and bad.  gishwhes has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with strangers and online friends (our small team got mooshed together with a larger team) and do some really awesome art, weirdness and random acts of kindness.

I know that our team won't win the hunt... but, that isn't really the point anyway. 
The point is to connect and make great things happen with great people. 
We've even made a few new awesome friends!
With a few days left to try to complete as many items from the 200+ list as possible (some of which are impossible) I can say that I am extremely proud of my team and that this experience has been great medicine for my mind, heart and soul.

Go team FreeHugsDownUnderLovesZeFrappAttack !


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