How to Become a Plus Size Fashion Blogger

Hi there! 

So, you want to be a plus size blogger?  Awesome!  I think that there is room for everyone's voice in plus size fashion, style and lifestyle blogging. 

I warn you:  I have had to figure a lot of stuff out on my own (and I'm still learning).  Early on I tried to reach out to bloggers for advice... and didn't get much help (and sometimes didn't even get a response at all).  I've only been officially blogging here on Style or Else for a year, now.  So, I can't say that I am an expert at any of this stuff!  All I can do is hopefully give you some tools that I picked up along the way to give you some guidance on your own journey. 

Blogging opens the door to lots of amazing opportunities.  These days it's an amazing gateway into plus size modeling, opportunities to be a stylist, working with brands... and best of all... connecting with other fashion lovers!

Why Do You Want This?

Why do you want to start a fashion blog? 

This is probably the most important thing you can ask yourself before starting.  It's an answer you want to have at the ready so you can remind yourself what is important to you when things get harder later.   

I think that most bloggers have different reasons for getting into fashion blogging and different aspects that really motivate them to keep going.  Why you start anything is a deeply personal foundation that nobody else can decide for you.


When people asked me where I started... I am always honest and tell them that Tumblr was my gateway into fashion blogging.  I still use my Tumblr! 
You can easily start a micro-blog on Tumblr today, if you want.  It's free!  The learning curve isn't too harsh.  And, Tumblr has its own built-in audience. 

Hashtags are your friends.  Learn them.  Use them.  Love them.  They help aggregate your posts with other like-minded posts and people. 

You'll want to get yourself out there if you want people to follow you. 

Content Content Content!

People come to blogs for the content.  You have to create and release content that is unique and of good quality.  You are going to have to be very self-motivating to get content out on a regular basis.  You don't need to release content daily... but, a couple times a week is ideal for people who follow you and like your blog.   

Take clear pictures.  They don't have to be all artsy fartsy, like mine.  My content is a product of over a decade of photography and entertainment experience.  What I bring to the blogging world isn't going to be the same as what you will bring.  And, that's how it should be! 

You're building a brand for yourself as a blogger.  So, everything you put into your blog will be building blocks for your own personal branding.  It's totally okay if you don't know what the heck your branding will be, at first.  At first you should just express yourself and find out what people respond to and what comes naturally to you. 
There are some wonderful bloggers out there who are very down to earth, authentic, every day people who do fabulously posting snapshots of outfits from their front yard.  And, they are AMAZING! 
So, please do what comes naturally to you and don't feel intimidated if you aren't into someone else's style of writing or photography.  There is room for variety (and variety is what we need). 

Being different is what will make you shine. 

Big Girl Blogging! 

So, now you've decided that you know yourself well enough to start your own stand-alone blog. 
YAY!  Congrats!   It's scary because you're going to be floating off by yourself, now, without hashtags and reblogs to help you.  *eeek*

Some great places to plant your blog:

I use blogger because it is attached to my Gmail account and makes it super easy to log in from my email. 

You're going to be further branding yourself, at this point, and choosing a blog name that people will remember.  This is also an important step because you're going to have to decide what your long term goals really are.  Are you self-promoting?  Do you want to model?  Do you want to be a stylist?  Is your blog a mixture of lifestyle and fashion? 

For me... I decided on Style or Else because I have some vague longterm goals that aren't just about me personally.  So, whereas my Tumblr is my official blog, here, had to be something where I could create content including other people in the future and have that not be awkward or need a brand change at an unfortunate point where it would confuse followers. 

You should have goals! 
You don't have to tell everyone about your goals. 
But, you should have goals! 
Even if that goal is to feel better about yourself or share your outfits and make new friends... have goals, make plans, get going. Don't think that something is going to just magically happen for you without having goals.  Don't think "Oh, I'm going to just sit back and let the universe choose me if it is my destiny."  You make your own destiny by setting goals and pushing towards them, putting yourself out there, doing your best, learning, growing and taking steps towards what you want. 
Whatever it is... You have to want it. 
Nobody is going to just pass it to you.

Make Money:  Advertising/Affiliate Networks. 

You are now a publisher!

I've found that the best way to partner with brands you love is to become an affiliate. 
You don't want to mess with affiliate networks until you have a good steady stream of content and a solid readership. 

True talk:  Affiliate links don't pay much!  You aren't going to be able to quit your day job.  You should join affiliate networks in order to help pay for your blog.  Your domain, time, equipment and cost of fashion for your blog are all part of the price of blogging for your readers.  These things are investments. 

You aren't going to be able to just hop on board with advertisers and join affiliate programs out of the gate.  You need to give them numbers and show them your success rate.  This is where blogging gets a lot more serious and professional. 
Blogging is competitive in the sense that there are a lot of other people doing the same thing that you are that are already networked with brands that you want to get involved with.  Some brands are really not interested in working with new people at all... until you prove that you are worth their time by bringing them sales and having more to offer than just your social networking numbers. 

But, don't be intimidated!!!!  And, don't take it personally if they don't accept you into their programs.  A lot of people want to get involved and there are a lot of people have have been doing this blogging deal longer than both of us.  So, give it time... and try again! 

If you've already got a blog and a good solid following and are looking for affiliate connections, here are the best (click the banners to go to the sites): 

ShareASale is awesome because once you apply for each affiliate program you get access to each program's agent who will absolutely help answer questions and help you out!  I've learned more as a blogger by working with these folks than anywhere else.
Some agents are really encouraging and helpful, too. 


Rakuten LinkShare rocks because they offer regular online seminars to help you grow as a blogger.  Rakuten is pretty huge.  Blogging can be really intimidating at this level.  But, they make it easy and really want to help you succeed. 

There are others out there... these two will give you a good start.  Once you join you can search through to find brands that you think will

FINALLY:  Keep your head up and your nose clean! 

Whether you got into plus size fashion blogging (or any type of blogging) to model, share your love of fashion, become a professional stylist... or with the hopes of someday having your own fashion brand or magazine... or, maybe just to have fun and make new friends... KEEP GOING

Keep your head up.

Here are some tips you can take or leave: 

Find other bloggers that you really dig and respect and gravitate towards them.  Or... keep to yourself and build your own new thing (people reinvent the wheel regularly, and sometimes that is spectacular).

Don't plagiarize.  Imitation may be flattering... but, it won't get you ahead. 
Someone plagiarized some of my 2013 work from Tumblr, this year.... and they won't be able to maintain that without stealing again (because they aren't being authentic if they have to steal).  So, just don't do it!  We have a lot of the same ideas floating around in the size acceptance/plus fashion community.  But, there is no reason to cut someone to get ahead. 

If you see someone saying something amazing that really resonates with you... LIFT THEM UP.  When a blogger says something really motivational that strikes a chord with me I like to share their words and their memes with social media.  You should do the same!  Diamonds can shine on their own, but it's better when we show them off to our friends, right?? 

Success is a journey... not a destination! 
So, find peace with the fact that someone else might be in the spotlight, right now... but, soon it will be your turn.  Attention and "fame" are fickle things. 
In fact... it is totally weird to me that anyone anywhere knows who the hell I am (or knows anything about this blog at all) or would even read this blog about "how to blog" from some nobody like me!
When someone says "I want to be like you"... I'm like "Oh, whoa.  Okay.  Wow." because this is all such a one-sided conversation I've been having with people I don't even know are paying attention!

Do not (I repeat: DO NOT) get caught up with people who back-bite and talk trash about other bloggers or other women in general.  Don't be that person.  Don't get involved with it.  Just don't. 
You won't find anything good down that path... and it will come back to hurt you. 
People who are gleefully catty think they are better than everyone else.  That sucks!  They usually aren't (but feel like they are).  It's insecure and it isn't what you need to be to succeed. 
You don't have to call them on their trash... just... ghost or fade-away. 
You don't have to hang out with the mean girls to be cool.  Do you!  You are the most awesome you out there. 

IF you need to review something "negatively" (and it happens, trust me, it's a hard choice you have to make for the right reasons) make sure that you do so fairly and with constructive feedback. 
Everyone loves it when they get glowing reviews (who wouldn't?)... but, constructive feedback is what helps everyone get better and grow bigger!   Make sure that you express your opinions as your own.  Don't generalize.  Take responsibility for your feedback.  And, if you get backlash... understand that it's just part of the growth/change/differing opinions reality of the process.  There is a difference between back-biting and being authentic.  We don't always have the best experiences... so, why lie? 

Keep in mind:  If you have an earnestly bad experience with a brand or individual that is blog-worthy... please be certain to give them plenty of real world opportunities to make things right before sharing your honest opinions with the world.  Publicity is a gift (both good and bad).  If you are unfair with your treatment of a situation it will reflect poorly on you.  So, make choices that you stand behind and don't give anyone the excuse to disregard your experiences as "catty". 

Nobody wants to read a blog that does nothing but bash.  It gets old, it attracts the wrong people and it gets stressful. 
Equally... if you only ever post five star reviews where everything is always perfect and amazing... well, that just makes you look like a lunatic who is experiencing the world for the first time (and your favorite flavor is everything!).  You want to have a perspective and an opinion.  Just try to do so with consideration for others and the potential for change/improvement/growth all around (treat them the way you'd like to be treated in that same situation). 


I know you're going to do great out there! 

As the plus size fashion industry grows, evolves and gets better and better... there will be more and more room for more body types, ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, looks, etc. 

We need you!  <3
You are the future!


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