OOTD: This is my Everyday Style.

SWAK Clarabelle Muti-Wear Top

Kangol  (size XXL... because I have a big melon)
Black Ventair

Lane Bryant Genius Fit Bootcut
Size 24

Prescription Glasses:

I recently joined a blogging collective 'Ahead of the Curve".  They asked us all to do a blog about "everyday style", this month.  So, I thought that I would show off what I wear every day and what I'm like when I'm not being all fancy as hell. 

I know.  I know.  "OH MY GOD!  SHE WEARS PANTS!!!!!???!"  Your life just changed.  You're going to be okay, though!

In my day-to-day "getting shit done" life... I don't actually dress all fancy all the time.  In fact, I spend most of my life wearing my glasses, a kangol, some jeans and then some top. 

I would describe my day-to-day style as comfortable and functional.  If I had it my way, I would dress perfectly retro-modern every day.  I love it.  But, I don't have time to be all glamorous and straight postured all the time.  I get my hands dirty a lot.  I have other things that time is better devoted to.  So, that's what you mostly see here on my blog. 

Things you don't know looking at my photos here on Style or Else:
1.) I'm a nerdy introverted extrovert
2.) I am really really dorky and socially awkward. 
3.) I have social anxiety and find people kinda scary until I get to know them better.
4.) I make cracks and snarky pointed jokes or nerdy references like they are my first language.   
5.) I'm pretty gender fluid.  I don't really care what gender I look like from day to day.  Some day I feel more male... some days more female... some days neither at all.  Really, I'm just me.  I like that.

My husband and I are usually giving each other shit... or joking about something... or talking about something we can joke about or give each other shit about.  We like to crack faces and play out end of the world scenarios over dinner.  Like... if you don't have a solid zombie plan... you can find us! 

We both deal with chronic pain and health problems. 
I'm a fluctuating type of fat person.  I think a lot of us are.  We go up... we go down...
So, I have jeans in my closet that range from size 18-28.  They don't all fit me at the same time... but, every few months I go up and down without changing anything about anything. 

If I am dealing with just... life... and don't need to look good... I don't usually bother. 
I know that some people call that "letting yourself go".  I call that "I have other priorities than making myself fancy, right now."

Style or Else is almost a year old, now.  In the last year I've had some INSANE opportunities!
I just recently modeled for a couple of really amazing companies (and am stoked to share that with you later this month).  I started this blog because I wanted to express myself more.  It has gotten way more attention than I honestly think it deserves. 

Because... for real... I'm SO INSECUUUURE!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think I'm doing enough... ever.  And, I don't think I'm ever good enough for the shit I can do.
So, I walk around feeling like a giant failure (since about age 10?). 
That kinda drives me to work harder and learn and figure things out as I go. 
I express myself differently than a lot of people... and I find that a lot of people don't "get it".  Which is okay!!  I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  But, the people who dig me are pretty special!

So, yeah.  There you go. 
That's a peek into my private life and "every day style". 

I'm not a fancy rich person who sleeps on golden hookers (like SOME people think).
I'm just some weirdo normal chick who writes a blog and imagines up crazy amazing photoshoots to do on the weekend!  And, I like cats and fashion and entertainment.  My clothing pretty much reflects that.

If I had the time and money and lifestyle for it... I would live in a small home that looked like a cross between a bordello and a cat bed/toy inside.  And, I would wear pretty things all the time and do pretty things all the time.  I can't afford to pull that off (financially and physically).  I like to show off how I would style an outfit, though!  It is my favorite thing ever!!!  And, I like to give you seeds of inspiration for your own fashion adventures. 

I'm still figuring out how to blog and how this whole 'plus fashion blogger' thing works. 
Being new means that a lot of people drop names I don't know and people I haven't met or whatever.
Most brands are new to me (even if they have been around 20 years).  So, I get excited easily!
I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING!!!!  (shocker: who does??)
SO many of the people I've met have been so nice!  Some have been nasty (and the rarest worst of the worst end up getting outed on my blog -- I don't think I'll keep blogging if I am ever asked to stop doing that.  I don't feel like my "THIS IS AWESOME" perspective is as valid when I am not sharing the opposite side of that spectrum.  It all matters to me.). 

So, aside from my passions for fashion, clothing design, costumes and fuckery (I like "bad words")... I am mostly just sharing my opinions and experiences with you as I go.  Because that's what personal style is... the art of making choices that you stand behind!  So.  Yeah.  Let's stop now before I type for a year and bore you with more of this real world garbage. 

Jumping ACTION Vivi!  LEVITATION, homes!
This is me literally doing nothing.  Nothing at all.
My sister and I make this same exact facial expression.
LOOK!  I HAVE A BUTT AND BACK!  Just like everyone else!
And the curve of my hip is like BLAH-DOW!

I throw my hat at you, sir!



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