SWAK Curvy Kitten Collection Styling

SWAK Designs Curvy Kitten Collection 2015
This collection is, hands down, my favorite collection SWAK has released. 
The versatility of these new pieces is what makes this retro/modern collection really fun for everyone (not just we pinup loving types).

(Left to Right)

Marion Chiffon Top

Peggy Sweetheart Dress
Blue Astro

June Skirt
Blue Fans

The Marion Chiffon Top

The Marion Chiffon Top is available in two colors.  A royal colbalt blue and a sweet bold light pink. 

The chiffon is quite sheer and requires a cami underneath.  I'm wearing a red lace top cami under the blouse in these photos (and if you look closely you can see the red under the blue). 

This top does not stretch.  I went with the 4X, but the 3X would have worked (though I am bigger on the bottom than the top.  So, it wouldn't have buttoned at the bottom if I had gone with the 3X). 

The Peggy Sweetheart Dress

The Peggy Sweetheart dress has a similar cut and fit to the Nora and Lana dresses by SWAK.
With a high empire waist and lack of flare to the skirt this dress has a long comfortable silhouette. 
Made of stretch cotton with functional pockets in the front (which I actually found really handy for keeping my keys and lipgloss in). 

This dress's cute angular collar detail adds a really adorable pinup element that looks great by itself or layered under a cardigan.  The straps are wide enough to hide your bra straps. 

I'm wearing the 4X but could have easily fit into the 3X as well. 


The June Skirt

The June skirt is absolutely my favorite piece from this new collection! 
I could seriously see these skirts slaying on ModCloth (which is often lacking in plus size options).  The Blue Fans print is adorable! 
If you are a fan of skirts... get this skirt!  The stretch cotton is comfy and thick.  The waistband has an adjustable button closure--you can order one size up if you want more flounce, and the button closer will help tighten the waistband.  I decided that I wanted the skirt to have a more fitted a-line look and went with a 3X instead of a 4X, and am really happy with it. 
I've also worn this skirt with a petticoat underneath to fluff out the shape, and that looks great as well (though, I recommend not sizing down if that is your plan). 
I wore this outfit Saturday night and got lots of compliments on it!

Which items are you coveting from the SWAK Curvy Kitten Collection? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love your style !!! Where do you get your cute shoes from ?
    Love and admiration from France

  2. Hi Peggy! Thank you so very much.

    I actually purchase very inexpensive shoes and then customize them with Angelus leather paint. I do the same with belts, too (it can also be used on purses, gloves, etc). I love it when my accessories match.

    Here is my tutorial for how to do it yourself:

  3. Where did you get the gloves?I just love them .they make everything look so high fashion.

  4. Where did you get the gloves?I just love them .they make everything look so high fashion.

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