SWAK Designs: Curvy Kitten Collection Overview

I had the pleasure of going to SWAK Designs headquarters a few weeks back and got to check out the new Curvy Kitten Collection up close and personal.  One of my biggest fashion passions is well made modern retro pieces.  That can be hard to find in plus sizes (especially at reasonable prices). 

I have tried some of the past Curvy Kitten pieces from SWAK and can tell you that this new collection is superior as far as construction, style and fabric quality!  The new stretch cotton they are using in this collection is thick and comfortable.  I would put the quality of these pieces on par with Cherry Velvet and ModCloth.  I dare say that these pieces are higher quality than Hell Bunny (and you should know how much I love me some Hell Bunny).

This is hands down my favorite collection from SWAK, yet!

The June Skirt

This skirt is everything!  I love skirts.  I love retro skirts.  I love well made retro skirts. 
My absolute favorite piece from this collection are these skirts!  I want SWAK to come out with more versions of this skirt so badly.  They have a nice gradual A-line that doesn't make them too poofy or bulky.  The waistband has a nice quality zipper and button closure. 

This is the sort of modern retro I like to see!  Quality modern textiles and closures with retro inspired flare.  Simple.  Comfortable.  Something you can wear to work or wear on the weekend.  The type of skirt you can easily dress up or down without fuss. 

I would actually love to see this skirt in more prints or even solids. 
This is by far my favorite new release from SWAK. 

Marion Chiffon Top

The Marion Chiffon Top is my second favorite new piece in the Curvy Kitten Collection.  Currently available in Royal Blue and a Baby Pink (both are more vibrant in person).  These sheer tie-neck blouses are fantastic quality! 

The sheerness gives you the opportunity to wear a contrasting color cami or tank top underneath.  Their Perfect Cami is seriously perfect for the job.  You might feel discouraged from trying a "One Size Fits All" plus size cami... but, it really does have a lot of power stretch (without being so tight that it squeezes you to death). 

The Marion blouse is also button-down and can be worn very prim and proper buttoned to the top with the ties in a bow... or worn very relaxed with the ties worn loose and the top buttons undone... or somewhere between.  I like that I can adjust the neckline to give myself more casual space to relax. 

The blouse has a button covering flap in the front. The buttons are a pretty white mother of pearl and conceal perfectly under the concealing flap. 

I wish that the tie for the neck was a little thicker.  Regardless, I want this in every possible color!  Black would be INSANE, obviously.  But, a deep plum, claret red and teal would also be at the top of my list of wishes for the Holiday season.  I love how modest and sexy this top is at the same time.

Bianca Chiffon Duster

It's a robe.  It's a duster.  It's a pool cover-up. It's a wrap dress.  It's... amazing!

This duster is the most versatile piece in the whole collection.  You can wear it for a variety of purposes. 
Pair it with a cute bra and panties set... and Booom... sexy lingerie!
Pair it with a swim suit and you have an instant chic poolside coverup. 
Wear it with a tank or crop top and jeans or pants and you have a pretty fluttering cardi/duster.
Wear it with shorts and a cami, cross it over like a dress and put a belt over it at the waist... and you have yourself a pretty chic wrap dress.
Wear it with a maxi dress for an upscale evening look.
I might just do an entire blog devoted to the many ways you can style this ONE piece!

I love both the floral and the lace print versions of this duster. 
The floral is much more sheer than the lace print. 
I really love lingerie elements in fashion.  This duster gives me some of the retro lingerie style I love while still keeping it modern and modest.  The cut is basic and would suit all body types. 


  1. CURVY KITTEN COLLECTION has one biggest advantage and that is it has a huge collection of female accessories for all the sizes.I love this brand.thanks for sharing



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