Gloves and How to find your glove size

I have an obsession with gloves!  Especially pretty fashionable gloves.  I have very large hands so it is hard to find gloves that fit me... so, when I do find gloves that fit I tend to hoard them. 

If you are looking for some inexpensive options to start a glove collection, it is an awesome investment to make!  Gloves are the type of accessory that is timeless and won't go out of fashion.  Since the weather is about to get colder, you can take this awesome opportunity to start your own love affair with gloves. 

If you want to dip your toes in and make very little investment you can try ordering these very inexpensive gloves (black versions of the same demi gloves I wear in a lot of my photos).  They are real leather and can take up to a month to reach you (for $10, just be patient).  If you love them you can always buy a bunch of pairs and then follow my tutorial for customizing leather.  Yes, the paint will absolutely cover up the black (you will just need to apply more coats and allow each coat to dry completely before adding the next coat).

For $30 you can score yourself some full palm gloves that go to the wrist, in a variety of colors (less effort and painting).

These gloves are also fully lined, so they will be quite warm in the fall and winter months. 


Finding your glove size is a lost art.  People used to know their glove and hat sizes as well as we know our shoe sizes, today.  So, here are two really helpful ways to find your glove size. 

You will need either: 

1.)  A soft tape measure
2.) A marker, a 12" piece of ribbon (or string) and a ruler

Method One: Tape Measure

Starting with the tape measure on the inside of your palm you are going to wrap it around the widest part of your hand (at or below the knuckles). 
You want it to be firmly wrapped around, squeeze it in your hand and turn it over to make sure that the tape isn't cutting into your hand too much (it should be firm, but not tight, and not too loose when you make a fist). 

My size is 9"... if I wasn't holding the camera with my other hand the measuring tape would be attached a bit firmer.  lol   (I have very large hands because I am a very tall/large lady.  Your size will likely be different than mine, so don't look at this demo and order based on my size please.)

Method Two: Ribbon and Ruler

This is for those of you who do not have a measuring tape. 
You're going to pretty much do the exact same thing... but, with ribbon and a ruler, instead.  Wrap the ribbon or string around your hand (starting in the middle of your palm because it is easier to hold it there). 

Again, you want it to be firmly wrapped around holding the ribbon between your thumb and your palm (like the picture), squeeze your hand into a fist, turn your fist over to make sure that it isn't too tirm or too loose (your hand is biggest when it is making a fist). Open your hand and mark where the end of the ribbon is on the overlapping piece. 

Upwrap your ribbon and measure it:

Again, my measurement is 9". 
So, this method really is as good as the other method (just requiring an extra step). 

Glove Size

Now that you have your measurement you can see how this translates to your glove size!
Men's size gloves and Women's size gloves are different.  Make sure when you are ordering gloves that you know whether you are ordering Men's or Women's.  Women's run smaller. 
If you are ordering gloves from China you can frequently count on them running a size smaller, so always check feedback/reviews and order accordingly so you won't be disappointed. 

According to standard glove charts I wear a size L in Men's and an XL in Women's... though, I can frequently get away with wearing a M in Men's and a L in women's because I don't mind that half inch of tightness (leather usually stretches and I like the look and support of a firmer glove).

Hopefully this blog helps you! 

If you have any glove related questions, let me know in the comments.
Happy gloving.


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