My SWAK Curvy Kitten Feature

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Check out their codes and details on their site. 

I had the pleasure of styling three looks for SWAK Designs for a feature starring silly ol' ME in their new retro inspired Curvy Kitten Collection, recently.  Their warehouse is like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for amazing plus size clothes.  Before the shoot they had photographer Lesley Pedraza photographing models Sommer Green and Niki Davis for the SWAK catalog.  Being able to watch them work taught me so much.  Both ladies are gorgeous, kind and so very talented. 
Lesley Pedraza took all of these photos.  She used to be a model (she's a gorgeous lady) and is now a very skilled photographer who knows what she wants and gives amazing direction. 
Stunning plus model Rayna (who is such a kind and inspiring woman) helped me feel so welcomed and calmed my nerves before the shoot.  She is talented and I admire her so much. 

If you're looking for other style ideas for this collection you can find my other blog about The Curvy Kitten Collection here.

First look:

Marion Chiffon Top - Blue (4X)
June Skirt - Blue Fans (3X)
Perfect Cami - Orange (O/S - Trust me, it fits larger ladies and smaller ladies)
Fishnet Pantyhose - Nude (size 3/4x)
Chiffon Petticoat - Pink (XL - The XL fits up to a 50" waist)

The sheer chiffon top seemed like a perfect opportunity to wear a colorful cami under for a beautiful almost colorshifting effect (if you know my makeup line, you know I'm a sucker for that).  I painted a pair of shoes and a belt to match the cami.  I put together some silk orange orchids on a hair clip to bring the look together.  Cobalt blue and Orange look amazing together. 
The nude fishnet pantyhose added a bit of retro style texture. 

Second Look:

Bianca Chiffon Duster - Pink Floral (4x)
Sabrina Maxi Dress - Eggplant (3x)

The Sabrina maxi dress is the best maxi dress I've ever tried on!  The length is perfect for us tall babes.  I own it in four colors, now (and I plan to collect more).  Paired with the sheer chiffon pink floral Bianca Duster it made the Sabrina an elegant ensemble that can be worn out on the town, on a cruise, to a wedding or gala.   Since the duster is sheer you can see the beautiful dress under it.  You can drop it off your shoulders and treat it like an elegant wrap or scarf. 
I wore it with a pair of soft pink sensible shoes (that I also painted to match the chiffon) and a bronze and purple crystal necklace that I made for myself for my birthday, this year. 

Third Look: 

Bianca Chiffon Duster - Lace Print

This is my "celebrity style" inspired look.  Melissa McCarthy wears lots of kimono style dresses on the red carpet.  I felt inspired by her effortless comfortable style and decided to take the lace print Bianca Chiffon Duster and wrap it around me like a dress.  I belted it with a pretty neutral lace style obi belt from Eloquii (sorry ladies, this specific belt is no longer in stock) you could try a beautiful black obi belt from IGIGI instead (it would also look gorgeous) and pair it with some black shoes to complete the style. 
The Lace Print Bianca isn't sheer like the Pink Floral print is... so you can wear shapewear (like I did) or some shorts or leggings and a cami under and be comfortable and stylish all night long. 

These dusters are so versatile.  You can wear them with jeans, dresses, as a dress.  They also make beautiful lounge robes and swim cover-ups by the pool (for those of us lucky enough to live somewhere that has year round pool weather).

I hope that my feature with SWAK helped give you some inspiration! 
You should check out the other Curvy Kittens, as well (they brought such different styles to their shoots and did such an amazing job).  Stephanie (LAFatshionista) and Stephanie Gudz


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