While recovering from surgery husband always makes sure that I am buried in my favorite movies.  He surprised me over the weekend by randomly putting on Hocus Pocus.  He had never seen it before and I got excited about that because it's such a fun cheesy little film that stars some of my favorite funny-lady heroes from my youth.  I always focused on Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker in their roles as Winnie and Sarah.  Winnie is so driven and Sarah is so flirtatious, it's easy to forget the thrid Sanderson sister.  Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson really shined, for me, this time while watching.  Despite them all being very wacky and over-the-top, Mary's character is actually the more grounded and considerate of the three Sanderson sisters.  She gets caught up in Winnie's plans but also stops to be the voice of reason quite a few times. 

So, I thought that it would be quite fun to play stylist for such a vibrant and supportive plus sized witch. 

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Mary's favorite colors are warm shades of orange and red with a passion for plaid (which is such a fall staple print). I think that Mary would rock these pieces whether she's helping her sisters brew a potion or is flying on her vacuum in the full moon light. 

If you enjoy these Character Stylist blogs, let me know in the comments and I will keep doing them.  Feel free to make suggestions for future characters you'd like to see me style.  <3


I love these pieces together for Mary.  The Rusty red cardigan goes really well with the muted orange of the skirt.  The plaid top adds a fun pattern without being too overwhelming.  I really feel like this outfit deconstructs Mary's wardrobe in a fun work and school appropriate look. 

1.)  Charter School Cardigan - RUST - Sizes S-4X

2.) Housewarming Your Home Top - Muted Plaid - Sizes S-4X

3.) Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt - Orange - Sizes S-4X


Similar to look one, but a little more texture and a focus on the plaid, this time.  What I love about these pieces is that all six separates would look great in a variety of different style options.  The lace and tie neck on this burgundy top are especially fun and sassy with the option of work or play. 

1.) Charter School Cardigan - Black - Sizes S-4x

2.) Make a Mission Statement Top - Burgundy - Sizes S-4X

3.) Saturday Sojourn Skirt - Plaid - Sizes XS-4X


Dress 1 and Dress 2 would both look lovely with the cardigans above.  I am totally smitten over the "Festive Frondescence" dress.  That fall photo print fabric is gorgeous.  I think Mary would really love it. 
The Cranberry wrap dress is just such a perfect dress for a lady with curves to hug.  It's a little more simple than Mary's look... but, I can't help but imagine Kathy Najimy looking like a stone cold fox in it (the color would really suit her hair and eye color). 

1.) I Rest My Grace Dress - Plaid - Sizes S-4X

2.) Festive Frondescence Dress - Sizes XS-4X

3.) Lighthearted Lecture Dress - Cranberry - Sizes XS-4X


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