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Retro modern style isn't just limited to fun outrageous fluffy swing dresses with petticoats, hair flowers, bold red lips and cat eyeliner.  The knee length wrap dress is the most timeless piece of women's fashion from the last 100 years.  True wrap dresses aren't just beautiful, they are also ideal companions for fuller figured ladies of all shapes and sizes due to the easy adjustability of the fit.
This is why the wrap dress has been a staple in closets all over the world since the 1930s.    

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Captivating Crochet Wrap Dress
Playful Peacock
Size 3X

Thigh Highs:
Hips and Curves
Extra-Wide Lace Band Stay Up Thigh High
(special promotion details below)

Soft Spots

Made by me

The Captivating Crochet wrap dress from Kiyonna has some really lovely details that make it stand out from other wrap dresses I've worn.  Most notably, the sleeves!  They are made from a high quality crocheted lace and are attached along the seams to the side of your bust creating a lovely line and sophisticated frame for the v-neck. The sleeves also connect down the sides of your shoulderblades in the back, as well.  The cut of the back is high, modest and comfortable.

I tried both the 3x and 4x (because I am between sizes) and found that the 3x fit me better.  I have a modest sized bust and the 4x's arm holes were too large for my body type and gapped.  Sizing down gave me the perfect fit.  I'm actually a size larger on the bottom than on top.  What I love about true wrap dresses, like this one, is that you can adjust the fit to suit your body type.  I have a very long torso and found that the waist hit me right at my actual waist (which is my favorite!!  I love high empire waists, but I do not prefer that cut personally with my wrap dresses).

This dress is not lined.  With the soft spongey fabric, it doesn't need to be!  It has a nice weight to it without being too heavy or too light.  This is not a jersey fabric.  It has a nice texture and stretch to it and is sort of a cross between a ponte and a scuba.

This dress is dressy and casual at the same time.  Comfortable and effortlessly elegant. 
I recommend keeping your styling minimal and clean for an effortless polished high-end look from head-to-toe. 
The natural drama of the sleeves and the gorgeous rich peacock teal are bold enough without adding too many accessories. It is also available in a rich magenta, as well.  Jewel tones are always stylish for Fall and Winter.

These nude Extra Wide Lace Band Stay Up Thigh Highs from Hips and Curves are everything they say they are!  They absolutely stay up without garters and are available in sizes Large, 1/2x, 3/4x, and 5/6x. 

Nice lingerie isn't something that should be banished to the bedroom only!  I know a lot of ladies who think that thigh highs are only for 'sexy time'... but, thigh highs are so much more economical and functional than most women realize.  If you purchase your thigh highs in pairs of two, you can keep a spare leg in your purse.  That way when you get a run (it happens to the best of us) you can throw one leg away and replace it without needing to throw out a full pair of stockings. 

When getting dressed you are going to want to take the time to put them on until you get the hang of it.  Make sure that you do not have oils or lotions on your thighs (you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol on your skin to help remove any oils).  When you pull them up you will want to take a little time to make sure that the lace is laying flat all the way around your leg, and that they are pulled up where you want them to be.  Once in place, they will absolutely stay up! 

I ordered the 5/6x because I have very long legs and had 30" thighs at the time.  My thighs are now 27", and they still fit (but I could probably go down to the 3/4x and they'd fit a little better, because they are a tad loose in the band).  They have Petite styles, as well (if you have shorter legs). 
The band is nice and stretchy.  The silicone grips in the band are strong without being uncomfortable or pinching. 
These will go all the way up my body, but, I am wearing them lower in these photos so I can show them off (without being indecent in public).  When pulled all the way up, I find that the wide lace band actually hits right on my "chub rub" zone and keeps my thighs from chaffing.  These really are the prettiest and most practical thigh highs I've ever worn.

You can snag these (available in nude, black, red and white) in their 2 for $30 special.  Or, they are $22 each. 

I also highly recommend their nude fishnet pantyhose (which also qualify for the 2 for $30 special).  They're high quality and have a wonderful texture while still looking like nude legs from a distance. 


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