Super Cutie Kitty Cat Fashion

I'm recovering from surgery, this week, in comfy cutie style in this fun kitty outfit from Torrid. 
It's still really hot here in Los Angeles (it's been in the 90s, ew!).  So, I feel super jealous of those of you who are living in areas that realize "Hey, it's Fall now... let's bring the temperature DOWN."
Oh how I long for sweater weather.   It's just so much easier to warm up than to cool off.  Ugh. 

Here's what I'm wearing:

Cat Polka Dot Print Skater Dress
Cat doesn't have our tongue, we can't stop talking about this quirky skater dress! Text... [More]
Price: $58.50

Kitten Toe Flats (Wide Width)
We're not kitten you, these black faux suede flats are a must-have. A whimsical design,... [More]
Price: $34.50
Hello friends!!!!

I absolutely love the subtle kitty faces mixed in with the polka dots.  From far away you can't even tell that the dress is cat themed! 

I had originally gotten the shoes in an 11 and the dress in a 4X.  But, the dress was too big and the shoes were too small.  I had read advice on the site to size down on the shoes, but found that I should have ordered my true size (which is a 12).  There have been times when I can order down in Torrid shoes and they'll fit really well.  In this case I recommend ordering your normal size. 

As far as the dress... the 4X ended up being too big for me on top.  I didn't hate the fit... but, being on crutches I didn't want to deal with messing with my shoulder straps falling down or shifting.  So, I went to the mall before my surgery and exchanged it for a 3X instead.  I'm much happier with the fit.

The dress is lined in the bodice.  The fabric is stretchy and comfy.  It would look great with a cardigan and belt... leggings and tights.  It's a really cute really versatile little dress. 

In Elementary school, when other girls were wearing the hottest 90s fashions... I was the dorky kid in glasses wearing kitty cat print dresses and sweatshirts.  I had cat earrings and necklaces.  I have been a massive fan of cats ever since I was really little.  I never ever ever wore pants ever.  I only wore skirts and dresses.  They were my favorite.    And, obviously... kids teased me mercilessly! 
I didn't care, though, because I loved my cat clothes and I was never a cool popular kid, so it didn't matter to me what the other kids thought.  Well, until Middle School... when I shot up to about 6' tall around age 13.  Suddenly it wasn't just that I looked like a dorky kid in glasses and kitty clothes... people mistook me for my friends' Mom when we'd hang out.   Yeah, I looked like a super unfortunate 35 year old woman at age 13.  Adults started making cracks about what I was wearing.  Instead of thinking "Hey, I should take advantage of this and buy booze!" I felt like I needed to change my look.  I vowed to NEVER wear cat themed clothing ever again.

That's when I started wearing jeans and tshirts and flannels.  No Fear, Scorpion Bay and bands that I liked (NIN, Pearl Jam, Garbage, No Doubt, Weezer, NOFX, Beck, Bush).  It was less expensive to dress that way and suddenly people started treating me differently.  That was also the Summer that I (without permission) dyed my hair hot pink while spending the night at a friend's house.  Suddenly people in my small town were looking at me for a different reason.  They weren't laughing anymore.  Rumors went around that I killed and ate cats and worshiped Satan.  I still had kitty cat art on my walls in my room and also listened to classical music and read a lot of books for fun.  Nothing about who I was inside had changed, just my outsides had. 

Fast forward to today.  I'm now 35 years old... and finally allowing myself to wear kitty cat fashion again.  Because I WANT TO.  And, I don't care what other people think.  And I can buy booze whenever I want!  BECAUSE I'M AN ADUUUUULLLLLT!

After my last surgery, in February, I felt really weird about going out in public or putting pictures of myself online.  There are a lot of jerks out there who think that it's totally appropriate to make fun of people who have an injury (especially if you're fat).  So, I decided that I wanted to hide until I could "pass" again. 


Fashion makes me happy.  Blogging makes me happy.  My physical therapist, Susan, was really amazing to encourage me to get back into blogging during my recovery this year.  I owe so much to her and her encouragement. 

And, I don't need to be ashamed of where I am at with my health, right now. 
I am healing.  This surgery was to make my life better and make it easier to move and live a normal pain-free life.  That matters. 

I'm so so thankful for the encouragement I've gotten this year.  I've gotten to meet some amazing people and get involved with some amazing brands.  I wouldn't have been featured in Bustle or Wear Your Voice magazine.  I wouldn't have modeled for SWAK's Curvy Kitten feature.  I wouldn't have gone out to the Salton Sea to take amazing pictures or went to Santa Monica beach to catch the sunrise in a beautiful IGIGI gown. 

I couldn't have had any of that if I hadn't been encouraged to get back into blogging again.  If I had decided to hide and not try I would have missed out on some great things. 

People can be really mean sometimes. 
But, love is louder.  :)
And, fashion is really good medicine! 


  1. You go girl. I love this shoot, you look amazing and gorgeous.

    AND thank you for having the courage to do this even though you are just out of surgery. You have a lot of amazing shit to say and I love every post you have. Don't let the haters hate. You got way more love out their then those people can handle.

    1. Thank you so much! I don't ever want to let fear stop me from doing (or wearing) what I love again. <3

  2. I feel like I've stumbled across my own blog! I'm a 5 year conic pain sufferer, had my second surgery on my foot August of this year, unfortunately it gave me no relief. Ive suffered the weight gain, the limitations, etc. So I threw myself into retro fashion and haven't looked back. I appreciate your links to cute retro clothes for plus size ladies, and your bravery for unapologetic adorable photo shoots! Hope you have healed up and improved. Thanks for your blog!

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