My First Blogiversary [IGIGI Madison Gown in Sunshine]

I can't believe that it's already been a year since I started Style or Else!  So many wonderful amazing things have happened since I started this blog.  And, despite taking a couple of months off earlier this year because of surgery, I feel very blessed!  I feel so honored that you read my blog.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to brands and styling that I am passionate about. 

I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do in this next year.  I want to step outside of my person style comfort zone more often.  I want to photograph and feature more beautiful talented people, here.  I hope to collaborate with more brands.  I plan to dream up more fun Personal Shopper blogs. 

I am especially honored to feature the gorgeous Madison Dress in this blog!  This gown is the most beautiful thing I've ever worn in my entire life. 


IGIGI  Madison Dress in Sunshine
Size 24
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The soft airy fabric isn't like other IGIGI dresses and has no stretch.  It fit true to size (whereas you can normally size down in IGIGI).  The skirt flares out at the bottom creating a beautiful drape that catches the breeze for feminine shapes. 

This is a dress that will make you feel like an instant goddess or princess!

It would be beautiful for a wedding, special occasion... or, if you're like me... you'll find opportunities to wear it whenever possible.  There is nothing more wonderful than having the opportunity to dress yourself in something that makes you feel beautiful.

My favorite feature of this dress are the clever coral scarves that are attached at the shoulders.  This very unique design element gives you the opportunity to style in in a variety of ways.

You can wrap them around your neck and shoulders. 
You can let them freely flow behind you. 
Or, you can use the attached loops on either side of the zipper at the back to drape them and anchor them to the gown. 


  1. You look like a queen in this dress. Just stunning. Congrats on your blogiversary!

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