SWAK Designs Fall Elements Collection

I'm really excited to share some pieces with you from the SWAK Designs Fall Elements Collection
There are so many wonderful plus size dresses and separates to layer and wear in a variety of ways to fit your personal style.

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Pieces in this blog:

Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress
Green Print
[Size 4X-6X]

Kari Knit Top
[Size 4X]

Perfect Camisole
[One Size Fits All]

Models: Vivi  6'2
Brandy  5'7

These three pieces from SWAK are fabulous and will add a bit of versatility to your Fall wardrobe. 
The Kari Knit Top is sheer and airy, but still a bit warm without being heavy.  So you could easily wear it tucked into a skirt and wear a jacket over it without getting too hot. 
The sharkbite hem has long sides (which look great with jeans or tied together with a skirt).
I chose the bone color because it looks very nude on me (and that's a color I normally avoid).
I love the cowl neck and elbow length sleeves!  This top is available in black and navy, as well.  

I decided to show off how great the Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress looks as a maxi skirt.  I absolutely love this style of dress from SWAK.  This fabric is thicker and has more weight to it than the jersey versions of this dress, so it doesn't cling as much as the jersey does.  The green print is beautiful.  The abstract green, turquoise, pink and orange remind me of a whimsical aquarium full of clown fish.
I love these dresses because of how versatile they are.  You can wear them in so many ways and so many styles from upscale to casual... retro to bohemian.  They're great for work or special events.  The Eternity Maxi Dress is a piece that just isn't going to go out of style and can be easily worn year round.

It was 104 degrees here in the LA area this last weekend! Summer heat is still in full force during the day and then when the sun sets it chills down fast... so, it's good to have outfits where you can add and remove layers. 


Brandy is such a joy to be around!  I adore her so much.  She had never modeled before (we met on Facebook last year and she quickly became one of my favorite people with how down-to-earth she is and her constant humor).  
I plan to style her and photograph her more for my blog because she's just a mega babe that you need to see more of. 

It's really cool to have friends who are willing to let you play dress-up with them and boss them around!  It's even cooler when those friends are 7" shorter than you, weigh 60 pounds less than you and wear the same size as you!
There are people online who think that they know what a size 22/24 looks like based on body shape.  I'm hoping to show that these clothes I feature in my blog look absolutely amazing on women of different shapes and heights and styles... and that you can't tell what size a plus size lady wears merely by looking at the proportions of her body.  
Brandy had never tried on any SWAK clothes before our shoot (I brought over a bunch of stuff for her to try on to introduce her to the brand).  She fell in love with the Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress because it is both comfortable and made her bust look incredible.

Brandy Modeling for my camera phone in her living room.  :)

She's wearing:
1.) June skirt in blue fans with the Perfect Camisole in Orange.
2.) Sabrina Maxi dress in Dusty Rose
3.) Peggy Sweetheart dress in Blue Astro

I told her that next time I am going to shoot her in the Peggy Sweetheart dress and then let her keep it (because friends share clothes and she looks so freaking CUTE in the Peggy dress!  She rocks it).

Why You Should Love Brandy: 

Earlier this year Brandy was at her neighbor's house when a stray bullet went through her ankle, shattering her bone and causing permanent damage to her foot and leg.  This was in the neighborhood she was born and raised in!  She has been so optimistic and positive throughout this entire experience.  She is a single mother to three wonderful kids.  She even recently went back to work managing a beauty supply store. 
Throughout our photoshoot she was game to push through and rock this dress with a constant smile on her face.  Even though she still lives with constant pain and anxiety from the experience... her life is still full of creativity, fun, friends, family and so much love and laughter!

Stray bullets from guns are an aspect of gun violence that we don't talk about as often as direct violence.  This study from UC Davis talks about how stray bullets from gun violence deeply affect not only the victims but also the communities where these events take place.  I know that this is a fashion blog... but the fashion is really just a small part of the complex lives we all live. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to use my platform to kindly ask that you please support more strict gun control laws.  The only way that we can make communities more safe in the future is to change how we deal with guns on a united national level. 

"Accidents" like what happened to Brandy are ridiculous and inexcusable!  She won't ever know exactly what the events were that lead to the bullet that hit her.  She didn't get shot because she did anything wrong.  She was just standing at a friend's house posing for a picture when her life changed forever. 

Fashion is so much more than looking amazing... it can show you the power of people who overcome unimaginable difficulties and inspire you to change the world.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.


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