Falling in Love with Lindy Bop's Peggy skirt!

Earlier this year I tried out my first dress from Lindy Bop (the Ophelia) in this same turquoise floral print and was very disappointed because it had an a-line skirt instead of the full circle skirt that the plus sized versions had.  I vowed that if they ever made a full circle skirt in this fabric that I would snatch it up and love it forever. 

Well, I ended up tracking one down... snagged it at a crazy great price (under $30!?  Whaaat!?) and I absolutely adore it.  The skirt sizing does run considerably smaller than the dress sizing so make sure to check out the size chart before ordering.  The skirt is made of a very high quality cotton (no stretch what-so-ever).  It did require a good ironing before wearing because it got some hard creases in the package during shipment.  I'm sure that the creases would also come right out with a spritz of water and a tumble in the dryer, though, if you are averse to ironing.  I am actually considering getting myself a good steamer with a fabric attachment. 

I got non-stop compliments on this outfit!  It was a little overwhelming, actually.  I enjoy looking nice... but, sometimes I feel a little shy about people stopping me every few feet.  It's definitely an attention grabbing and beautiful skirt.  I love the floral print so much.  It's rich and detailed with a lot of depth (like a wallpaper print--I am a huge fan of textiles in wallpaper prints!)
The combination of rich reds and vibrant turquoise is also a favorite of mine.  So, it seemed natural to bring out the reds of the roses in the print by wearing my favorite charmeuse tie-neck halter top (not currently available for purchase).  I love charmeuse because it has that glowy sheen of a high end fabric but it isn't super shiny like satin.   I hope that more brands will use charmeuse in blouses and bring back tie-neck halters in 2016!  They both appear to have gone out of fashion in plus size clothing (with scuba and ponte being the most popular textiles of 2015). 

Plus size clothing for retro modern loving gals can be hard to find.  Especially in sized 22+.  Once you reach size 22 a lot of brands start to offer you shapeless garments.  I hope that Lindy Bop will consider extending their sizing a little more for larger gals.  Their 5/6X fits very well, but I know a lot of size 26-32 ladies who would adore these clothes. 

Lindy Bop is a UK brand.  They specialize in retro styled fashion.  Lots of cotton and satin.  Lots of really cute prints that you cannot find anywhere else. 

I'll be featuring more Lindy Bop in my upcoming Holiday Style or Else editorials (starting this next week) and am really excited to show you the different shapes and styles that their fashion suits.  You don't just have to be a retro rockabilly pinup babe to enjoy Lindy Bop. 


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