The Rebel Wilson for Torrid Collection launched on November 1st after months of hype about the collaboration.  


The overall collection itself is rather lackluster.  It is mostly tshirts, tops and jewelry with REBEL emblazened on them (which gives the feel of stuff you'd find at a merch table or fansite). If you are a big Rebel Wilson fan, these items might everything you've been wanting.

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Bead Tee

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Duffle Bag

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Two Finger Ring

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Beanie

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Signature Sweater

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Lion Crest Tee


The dresses aren't really anything that we haven't seen before. 
But, they are basic and cute and would suit a wide range of body types and styles! 

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Fit and Flare Dress

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Lace Peplum Dress

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Lurex Sweater Dress

But... here is one of the most interesting situations about the Rebel Wilson Collection:

In the image I have as the header for this blog you can see some really trendy pants with some rib pleats on the thigh and zippers above and below the knee. 

But, here is the product on the website:

Rebel Wilson for Torrid Faux Leather Pants

These can hardly be confused for the same product! So, why did Torrid make the switch?
And why did they release the images of the more interesting pants along with the rest of the promotional images of the model wearing the collection?


The original pants in the main product photos are really fresh and more of what I had expected from this collaboration. 


There are a few other pieces in the collection you might want to check out!

I'm personally going to pass on getting anything from the Rebel Wilson for Torrid collection (though, I admit that I would have been interested in those pants enough to head to a Torrid to try them on).

It isn't a bad collection at all.  It has a mixture of hard and youthful with some soft edges that I think will appeal to teens and young adults.  A lot of the pieces aren't anything that you couldn't get from another store.  But, I do think that we should support Torrid in offering signature collections, like this, in the future. 

What are your thoughts? 
Are you getting anything from the Rebel Wilson Collection? 
What do you think about this weird pants situation? 

Let me know in the comments!


UPDATE (message from Torrid):

Hi Vivi,
Unfortunately there was a delay at the port and these pants were a little late delivering to our DC which is why we had a pair of similar pants displayed in the meantime. We try very hard to get every piece up on our site and in our store for big launches like these but as you probably know, some things are out of our control. They are pretty amazing though. (Currently sitting with the sample at my desk and can't wait to to order them.)

So, there you have it!  The pants are on their way and hopefully Torrid will let us know when they hit the site. 


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