eShakti Custom Fit Gown Review

I was contacted by eShakti in November with an opportunity to order a custom piece of clothing and review the process on my blog.  I had honestly considered purchasing from eShakti in the past (this wasn't the first that I had heard of them) but was reluctant to due to the bad reviews and frustrations other bloggers had in dealing with the company. Rest assured that I had an amazing experience with their customer service and the customization resulted in a nearly perfect fitting gown. 

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When looking through the blogger review options I landed on this floor-length satin formal gown and immediately fell in love.  My reasoning for why I wanted this dress to review:  I am 6'2.  I have a very long torso, broad shoulders and my proportions are not the average shape used to draft patterns for my size range.  Finding formal wear is very hard for me (especially when the ready-to-wear style is intended to be floor length--I'll be lucky if it hits my ankles!). 

The site claims that the color is "Stone Gray", but on all of my various devices the color was very different on the site.  I couldn't tell if it was going to be gray, beige, taupe or pale gold!  The answer was:  It's actually all of those.  It's what I would call a blush taupe.  The very soft neutral shade tends to change dramatically depending on the lighting you are in.  In cool lighting it is very gray/silver.  In warmer lighting is is very pale blush taupe.  In more golden lighting it is a very soft yellow gold .
I am certain that different skin tones would also bring out different shades in this gown. 

The customized ordering process was very easy. 
The site asks for your measurements (and will also give you reference points on where to measure to get an accurate number for them).  I highly recommend getting your measurements professionally done for your own reference (you should be able to find a tailor or seamstress who will charge a very small fee to do your measurements for you).  But, you can also use a measuring tape and a friend!

In December eShakti added some new measurements to their customization option!
I wish that they had them available to me when I was ordering because they now let you input the measurements from your shoulder-to-bust, shoulder-to-waist and shoulder-to-knee. 
These measurements are ideal to have for ALL body types!  Some people have a shorter torso and longer legs.  Some people have a long torso and short legs.  Customizing this way allows them to ensure that the bust and waist hit right where they should. 
My dress had the shoulder-to-bust  and the bust-to-waist proportions up about three inches too high for my long torso.  But, overall the gown looks amazing on me.

I decided that I really wanted to do a winter bridal editorial with this dress.  I made a plan to head up to Big Bear Lake, CA and booked a cabin so we could go shoot in the snow.  I purchased some faux wolf fur and made myself a fur wrap that converts into a capelet.  I made a bronze and crystal tiara and a pinecone bouquet to complete the bridal look (I really should do more DIY blogs in 2016--consider it one of my resolutions). 

As the date for the shoot/reservation was getting closer... the dress hadn't arrived yet! 
I contacted their customer service and didn't even get an email back... instead I got a tracking notification and the dress was here in about three days.  Talk about crazy amazing customer service.  If the dress hadn't arrived in time I would have had to cancel the entire trip. What a relief! 

My goal with this editorial was to show that you can be a stunning winter bride or bridesmaid at any size and on a tight budget.

The skirt also had a minor flaw near the leg slit.  There was a little too much fabric which resulted in a bit of a gather/hang on the left side.  But, honestly, I really like the effect the gathered effect above the slit.  It makes the gown look a little more fancy and everyone thinks that it was intentional.  I'm just telling you about it so that you don't order the dress and find that your skirt sits flat and go "why isn't my dress exactly like Vivi's?".  Sometimes happy accidents result in awesomeness. 

I also want to note that this gown is impossible to wear a bra with (unless you have a stick on type) because the back is very open and plunges all the way down to the waist.  If you have ample boobage, this dress might not work for you (unless you want to use sock glue or lots of fashion tape). 
I've always wanted a retro style gown with a back, like this. 
There are a lot of other awesome options on the site that have closed backs and sleeve options if you aren't into showing your back and arms.  This gown does not have options to change the sleeves or back... but it does have length options if you don't want it to be floor length. 

I know that a lot of fat babes worry about showing their arms and back.  You don't have to if you don't want to!  But, I encourage you to try it out (you might like it).  If you absolutely love it and want to wear it with a bra, you could always get a nice jacket or bolero to wear with it. 

The satin fabric is very light and airy.  When it catches the breeze the skirt does stunning things (the header picture was me standing with a very light breeze behind me).   It's really more of a faux silk charmeuse.  Not super shiny.  More pearly.   It is also easily water stained dry clean only fabric.  The water staining is hard to see on the light fabric, but I figured that I would mention it if you intend to buy this gown (or one like it) from the site.  Rain, snow, beachy conditions (or, in my case, a sputtering iron) maygive you a hard time with this fabric if subtle water stains drive you crazy.   

I highly recommend checking out eShakti. 
They have a lot of work wear, dresses, separates, pants and jackets.  Their styles cycle out rather regularly, so if you see something you really like you should get it within a week or two.  They frequently have amazing deals (like 40% off or Buy 2 Get 1 Free). 

Please note:  It takes 2-3 weeks to get your order!  Be patient.  The prices cannot be beat (especially for custom clothing).  I've had to wait 6-8 weeks for custom clothing from small designers.  These items are made in another country. 

What I love most about this gown is its ability to adapt to different temperatures.  It is light enough to wear in the Summer, as well.  I wore it with a side bun and the Rayne necklace in gold/black by Kendra Scott (which I got in my December RocksBox).

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RocksBox is a designer jewelry rental subscription.  You take their style survey and they send you three designer pieces (worth $200) on loan.  You can buy what you like at a discount or send everything back when you're done for a new set.  I'm very fickle as far as jewelry goes.  I like to wear things a lot and then will randomly just stop.  This service is pretty much ideal for someone like me.

The Rayne necklace is gorgeous and quite long.  So, I shortened it by wrapping it out around and then under my straps before closing it in the back.  That made the end of the gold chain tassel land right at the "V" on the bodice.

I also love RocksBox because I have a hard time finding jewelry that suits me.  The average woman in America is 5'5.  I am considerably taller and broader, which means that small delicate jewelry disappears on me and chunky jewelry can look disproportionate.  I am deeply in love with this Kendra Scott piece, though, and am looking forward to trying it in other stone and metal colors. 
The black/gold is their best seller and a celebrity favorite.  But, I feel like I would really like the rose quartz/rose gold combo quite a lot. 

I feel like the necklace with the gown has an Old Hollywood 30s starlet vibe to it.  Because the gown is so neutral I can style it a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. 

The best thing about both eShakti and RocksBox is that they cater to all sizes/shapes/heights/ages.
If you have trouble finding clothing that fits well, I highly recommend eShakti.


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