I haven't been posting, recently, because I have been so busy shooting amazing women for my upcoming holiday editorials. 

It has been such an amazing experience to style and shoot with these beautiful diverse plus sized women!  I can't wait for you to see all of the amazing eye candy that will hopefully inspire you to dress up for Christmas and New Year's Eve, this year.

I always planned to feature more ladies here on Style or Else... and I am thankful that I've gotten to work with such a diverse group of gorgeous women for this project. 

This weekend I am heading up to Big Bear Lake to hopefully shoot in the snow.  It's still pretty warm here in Los Angeles... so, I am excited to get away from the heat for a couple of days and have been anxiously hoping for snow for weeks, now.

I have the most gorgeous gown that I will be modeling, and I have a few awesome outfits for my gorgeous gal Brandy to model, too.  It will be quite the photo adventure. 

So, hold tight!  I haven't forgotten about you. 
Things are about to get awesome up in here. 



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