IGIGI Delia Dress in Paisley Review

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IGIGI Delia in Paisley
Size 22/24

Grade:  B-

Wash instructions:  Dry Clean Only

When this dress first came out as part of IGIGI's Fall 2015 collection I knew that I absolutely had to have it.  It's so rare to find nude dresses with beautiful prints in plus size women's clothing!  I, for one, like the illusion of being a beautiful naked tattooed lady from a distance.  heh. 

I lusted after it for months.  I wanted to wait to see if someone would review it so I could find out more details about it.  Alas, it didn't happen and I ended up getting it anyway. 

The one thing that I noticed when it arrived was that the fabric was not as substantial as other IGIGI dresses I have.  In fact, this is the thinnest material I've ever personally seen come from anything IGIGI.  When I was removing it from the plastic the cardboard the dress was wrapped around snagged the sleeve and left a small pull in the fabric.  Not so much a good sign for durability. 
I also noticed that I could see light through the dress when I held it up which made me feel concerned that the dress would be both clingy and revealing. 

The rust red fabric at the shoulders and waist/tie belt are a much more substantial fabric... which is good, because the tie belt gets the most wear and tear on dresses like this.  The faux wrap style is about the same as the Dominique style, but the Delia has elastic along the bustline in the same way that the Meredith style does (which means that you aren't going to have gapping or shifting of the fabric and that's a great feature). 

Trying it on, it was indeed clingy (which might be appealing to some of you and unappealing to others) but it was not see-through at all.  The light fabric does, indeed, show off every dip, lump and bump... but, the fabric pattern does a great job of concealing.  If this were in a solid color in this fabric it would be especially unforgiving and cheap feeling/looking. 
I tried it on my friend Brandy (who is 5'6 and the same size as I am).  The dress looked good on her busty figure, but it also accentuated parts of her tummy that she prefers to conceal.  She wouldn't be able to wear it comfortably without at least some light shapewear.  I am wearing it without any shapewear underneath in these photos, but I am also more compact. 

Honestly, I wanted to return this dress.  I sat on it for a couple of weeks before trying it on again.  That's when I remembered why I loved it in the first place--there aren't any other dresses like it out there for women my size!  I can't deny the fact that it looks beautiful on me.  The nude base color is a close enough match to my skin tone and the browns/reds/rusts/oranges/greens are all colors that suit my natural coloring. 
This dress would have been an A+ if the fabric had been more substantial.  Everything else about it is amazing.  I also didn't really understand how this dress could possibly be a Fall dress with it being unlined and so thin.  It's more well suited for late Spring into Summer despite the 3/4 sleeves (which I rather like). 

All that said, I still recommend trying to dress out for yourself!  You might absolutely love it.
These are just my personal opinions and experiences. 
One of my friends said that she got it and returned it because she felt that she looked like a "lumpy pillow" in it.  But, another gal in a fashion group I belong to said that she got it and loved the feeling of the silky fabric on her skin and the way the fabric moved on her body. 

Personally, I cannot imagine this dress lasting for very long (if you have animals this dress is going to become a snagged mess really fast).  So, if you do end up getting it I recommend snagging it on sale.  The original $150 price tag is rather steep for something this delicate (as plus babes, we tend to be a little harder on clothing in the first place). 

We shot the dress on a rainy windy day.  It went from sunshine to gloomy in a matter of about 10 minutes. 


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