Why I've been a bit MIA lately [Health Blog]

There were so many blogs I planned to do for the month of December (and fear not, there are still some glorious blogs and photos coming up!).  But, unfortunately I've been spending the majority of life in bed for the last few months since my last surgery on the leg to decompress the peroneal nerves (the superficial peroneal nerve was actually kinked in the front of my leg and causing me a ton of pain).  The worst thing is that my left leg has started bothering me off and on and I have some weakness and numbness on that side.  I figured that it was probably from using crutches and putting my weight on that foot more than usual.

I was referred to an orthopedic/spine pain specialist who did some initial tests and determined that he wanted to do an MRI of my lumbar spine.  And, they found a few things wrong.
I have a fully extruded disc in my L5/S1 and a herniated disc in my L4/L5.  The blue arrow is showing where the extruded disc is.  That part of my back is busted to the point  that the jelly-filled center of the spinal disc has been squeezed out and is pressing hard on the left side's nerves (the radiology report used the word "severe", which is always great!  They don't use the word "severe" unless shit is seriously wrong).
I also have some damage to my spine from some old childhood injuries that have turned arthritic... and I have some type of issue with my bone marrow (which is going to require more testing.  Basically my bone marrow in my lumbar spine has a diffuse signal on the MRI... which means that I either have some type of cancer like leukemia (unlikely) or something wrong with my marrow that is making it reconvert to red marrow... which is uncommon for people my age.  Your marrow is all red when you are born.  After that it converts to yellow fatty marrow.  Mine has recoverted for some reason).

Lots of info, right!?  Crazy crazy shit. 

But, this happens to me a lot!  I go in with one problem and then tests get done that find out that I have some more serious issues.  That's how my meningioma was diagnosed!  I had some oral pain that was found to be a nerve problem which was traced back to my brain... where the tumor was found (and removed in 2013).  Now I'm having problems with my right leg... and then it's my left leg, too... and it has been traced back into my spine. 

So, I'm on a bunch of new meds.  I am in a TON of pain still and it is getting harder and harder to walk, sit and stand (which is why I spend the majority of life in bed laying down in a position that is comfy and takes pressure off of my lower back).  I was on a medication recently that started giving me heart attack symptoms.  That sucked!  So, I was put on another medication that made my legs and hands/arms swell up (I gained 20 pounds in a week).  Unfortunately that medication was amazing and made me feel the most pain-free I've felt in a long long time.  Sucks how that works, right?
Then they put me on another medication that didn't do much of anything for me.
Now I'm on a new medication that helps... but, it isn't as good as the other two that tried to kill me with their side effects.  

I'm looking at a spine surgery in 2016 to remove the part of the disc that is pressing on the nerves and to stabilize my spine. There is no other cure for this situation and the longer it sits there the more permanent nerve damage it will do. 

In the meantime... I am starting pool physical therapy again next week (at my request) so that I can relax the rest of my body (which tenses up really bad when the pain flares).  And, I am going to get two different nerve blocks in the next month.  Next week they will do an ESI (epidural steroid injection) into my spine itself to help with the pain and to knock down the inflammation.  Then two weeks later I will go in and have another injection into two branches of my peroneal nerve in my right leg.  This is partly for pain management and partly for diagnostic testing to figure out where the problem is worst.

These are issues that can happen to anyone and aren't exclusive to my fat body.  The weight of my body is definitely not making it easy to move and is probably straining the situation, though. 

I don't have a lot to give.  What time I have to spend on others (and this blog) is very very precious to me.  So, when I blog or shoot for my blog (whether I am taking the pictures or posing for them) it takes a lot of effort and pain and willpower.  It matters to me that the content be AMAZING.  I want to be proud of the work and have others be impressed/amazed by it all (and not just because I am doing it while dealing with health problems and severe pain).  I want the photos to be amazing because I want what I'm doing to transcend this garbage I'm dealing with in my "private life" (which I haven't ever kept so private, really).

So, thank you very much for your support and your visiting my blog, here!
Thank you for supporting my sponsors and for sending me kind messages (and being friends with me on Facebook). It means a lot when you are with me through the hard times and the good times.
I know that things will get better once we figure out the best coarse of treatment for me. 
I'm sincerely hoping that whatever they do... it helps me become more active in general! 
Being this sedentary and stuck indoors is driving me batty along with the pain (which makes it hard to cope with the little things, sometimes).

I'm not going anywhere!  I'm just not as fast or as prolific as I was before.  Hopefully that will change!  I'm just a plus size fashion junkie turned fashion and lifestyle blogger.

And, I am REALLY stoked to share some upcoming blogs featuring Eshakti (that winter bridal editorial that turned out beautifully), Rue21, SWAK Designs, IGIGI (lots of IGIGI!)... and more!
I'm also hoping to do some more DIY stuff in the next year, too.  Feeling good about yourself is some of the best medicine ever.

Again, thank you! 
You mean the world to me.

Vivi Ennui


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