Beyond the Bombs: Introduction to LUSH Cosmetics

Pictured:  (top) Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar (bottom) Big Solid Conditioner

I was given the opportunity to be a super stealthy secret shopper for a local LUSH store, earlier this month.  In return for feedback about my spy mission I was gifted an ample gift card and got some new products that I had never tried before.  Obviously most of us who start out with LUSH products go after their amazing bath bombs.  Who doesn't want to take a bath in colorful waters that are full of skin nourishing oils and extracts?  So, I decided that I wanted to go beyond the bombs and try out some of their other products for a change. 

Frankly, when you consider that most of their bath bombs are a luxury one-time-use product that costs like $6-9 a piece... you should start looking around the shop and checking out some of their stuff that works in the same ways but can be used more than just once.  For example, a lot of their soaps cost about $7 for a good sized chunk that will moisturize, cleanse and leave your skin smelling amazing!  I'm not saying to give up your bomb addiction (because those things are amazing) but totally try out their soaps, shampoos and face masks (more on these next month). 

About me (so you know what I look for when I shop):
I personally have very sensitive skin and it tends to freak out very easily, so I am constantly on the look out for new products that will keep my delicate skin moisturized and clean without making it break out in a rash (rashes are a bigger issue for me than acne).  My hair is naturally curly and dry.  I have sensitive body skin and patches of dryness and eczema as well as surgical scars on my leg that I am trying to pamper so they heal beautifully. 
Add all of these things together and here are the items that I got in my first LUSH haul for my blog. 

Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar
I was a little skeptical when the gal at the store told me that this one little bar held the power of three bottles of shampoo (especially when the lather power of their other products was a little meh) but I can say that these shampoo bars absolutely work as advertised!  They lather up like crazy and a few swipes on your wet head are all you need to get full bubble action.  The scent doesn't really stay in your hair for very long (which is unfortunate because their honey toffee scent is one of my favorites and a gravitate toward any of their products that has it).  But, for travel this little bar is perfection!  No more leaking shampoo in your bag or needing to care about how much liquid you are taking in your carry on. 
ALSO:  I have actually used this one as a "bubble bar" a few times!  I hold it under running water while my bath is running and it seriously fills the tub with honey toffee scented bubbles but doesn't dissolve the bar very much at all. 

Big Solid Conditioner
This solid conditioner bar is made with coconut oil and sea salt.  The scent is very mild and natural but also overpowers the shampoo bar in an unexpected way. 
I have to say that it is a bit awkward to use, unlike the shampoo bar I didn't feel like I got even coverage and it wasn't really soaking into my hair for the conditioning I really need.  Frankly it doesn't agree with my dry naturally curly hair at all and left my hair dry and super fluffy!  It would be best suited for fine straight or oily hair that doesn't need a lot of conditioning. 
I already have this one wrapped up in a bag to return it to the store. 
That is something that I love about LUSH!  If you don't love the product you can return it for any reason. 

Pictured:  (top)  Full of Grace serum bar/moisturizer  (bottom) Fresh Farmacy cleanser

Full of Grace Serum Bar/Moisturizer:
This serum/moisturizer bar is made with Murumuru butter, Cupuacu butter, rose extract, mushroom extract and calamine powder.  I actually purchased this product to use on my leg scars because I had read so many people saying that it is amazing at healing scars and making them less apparent/red.  But, I've also used it on my face, hair and arms (where I am prone to eczema).  It's actually a great little bar that works really well!  It melts into your skin quickly so it's important to only get as much as you need and to keep it in a very cool place (in the fridge in summer is ideal--also, do not order this one from the website in the summer because it will melt by the time it gets to you).

Fresh Pharmacy Cleanser Bar:
This ultra calming cleanser is made with Coconut oil, calamine powder, lavender, rose and tea tree oil and is designed especially for very sensitive skin.  
I got a rather small chunk of this one in the store to try out because my skin is very fickle about what it can tolerate and even products made for sensitive skin can freak my skin out.  It's pictured here with my Clarisonic Mia 2 because I like to use the two together (though I typically use the luxe cashmere head instead of the one pictured because I don't need daily exfoliation as much as I need gentle cleansing).
I found that after using this bar for a couple of weeks my skin was getting a bit irritated.  It is very fragrant and I actually suspect that the little bit of tea tree oil is too much for it.  BUT... I found that this bar is absolutely amazing on my body when I get hives and need to use a gentle cleanser in cooler water (which is common for me this time of year when my allergies go into overdrive).
I would use this on my face when it needs a good deep cleaning, but for now I think that I am going to stick with the product that I have been using for a few years (Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser).

Pictured:  Roses All The Way Soap
Roses All the Way Soap:
Made with coconut oil, rapeseed oil and rose extracts. 
This was a limited edition soap for Valentine's Day.  It is no longer available and I am actually kinda bummed about that!  It's very moisturizing and gentle (more gentle than the Fresh Farmacy soap to the point that I tried using it on my face with way better results!).  The rose scent is very very delicate and not too musky/old lady.  It isn't the fresh vibrant rose lemon scent of some of their other products... but I actually like that for regular use.  I kinda wish that they would make this one a regular formula (and even make it available in larger bars) because I would buy it all the time. 
The cute heart/rose shape is mega adorable though (and made it hard to use it) and reminds me of those cute little soaps that my grandma had in her bathroom next to the sink. 

Pictured:  Sexy Peel Soap

Sexy Peel Soap:

Loaded with Rapeseed oil, coconut oil, lemon and orange juice and peels!
This soap smells absolutely amazing.  It is a bit too strong for my delicate skin... but I *LOVE* how it smells on my husband (and he's the one that I bought it for, actually).  The fresh citrus scent is very real, fresh and clean.  It really soaks into the skin, too, leaving it smelling very clean and fresh but not overly sweet.  The peels start to poke out the more than you use it and do offer a light exfoliation.  It's a great unisex scent. 
This soap lathers a bit better than some of the other soaps I've gotten from LUSH.  I actually got a sample of it in a package a couple of years ago and looooved how it smelled on Rex, so I knew I had to snag it while I was there this time. 
I recommend it for anyone who has oily skin.  And, for guys and their musky manly parts. 


So, that's my first Style or Else LUSH haul! 
I plan to do more cosmetic/beauty posts this year (and have another LUSH post planned already for early in March.  Hopefully this inspired you to go beyond the bombs and try some of the other fresh cosmetics LUSH has to offer.


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